In a YouTube video released today, Tom DeLonge has promised the release of clear UFO video taken by government cameramen and declassified documents relating to the UFO issue, possibly to the video being released.

In February of 2015, John Podesta’s last tweet as President Obama’s Chief of Staff said that his chief regret was once again failing to get UFO documents released. He also stated that "it’s the law" that they be released. What this apparently meant is that there are declassified documents that are being illegally held secret. If document are classified for 30 years and no national security issue is involved, by law they must be declassified. However, they are often offloaded to private defense contractors or left in place rather than released, effectively keeping them secret.

President Obama was unwilling to add an official imprimatur to such documents by releasing them through government channels. Without knowing specific terminology that might identify the documents, Freedom of Information Act demands for them would be unlikely to be successful. But the experts  assembled by Mr DeLonge would be likely to know how to locate relevant documents, which could be legally made public.

Documents dating from 1987 or earlier could be involved in such a release. There have been many videos made of UFO overflights by various US agencies, radar tracks have been acquired and analyzed, and other data has been acquired and evaluated. According to astronaut Gordon Cooper, photographs were made of an unknown object landed at the end of a runway at Edwards Air Force Base in the 1950s. These photographs were sent to the Pentagon and never seen again.

However, many such documents, while themselves not having any national security implications, might in turn reveal secret techniques and processes, or lead to documents that are still legally classified, meaning that they can continue to be held secret. Not all, though, and it is to be hoped that the coming release finally puts to rest the fantasy that UFOs are not real.

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