Whitley has had some really scary things happen recently, and there is no doubt of their high strangeness origin. He’s been feeling desperate–and when you hear why, you’ll definitely agree. But what to do about it? Enter Raven Dana. Raven is an old friend of the Striebers, author, life coach and explorer of the world’s mysteries. She was originally found by Anne after she wrote a letter about her experiences in response to Communion. She was invited up to the Strieber cabin and had a now-famous contact experience, which she reflects on in this interview, and is also described here.

Raven then talks about her recent experiences, and the strange synchronicity that occurred involving a cat appearing on her doorstep at the same time as Whitley was compelled to call her and interview her. Whitley discusses his terrifying recent experience of his own and Raven shares her method of creating protection..and that cat seems to be somehow involved.

This is an extremely unusual show, filled with Raven’s wisdom and insightful discussions of some profound and powerful experiences. One comment provides a window into just how profound this discussion is: “what we call aliens live in the fringe of where our consciousness can go”. That fringe is a place of great knowledge–but also sometimes great danger. Fasten your seatbelts for this one, folks, it is WILD!

You can connect with Raven on RavenDana.com.

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  1. So EXCITED!! I felt like I was listening to myself, the whole time Raven was telling her stories…so much like my own. After a childhood of visitations and weird dreams, etc. nothing much surprised me. I studied Edgar Cayce, Castanedas, and Robert Monroe and finally found my own way to experience out of body travel. All at once, I became unexpectedly VERY GOOD at astral travel. And in that world I was greeted by a group of robed men, who later disrobed and I saw “Reptilians” standing at the foot of my bed. What stunned me was Raven’s story about the eye of Horus!! Yes, I too saw it on my wall. It was about 3 foot wide! I was tested by these beings and guess what?? I too was visited by a cat…in my kitchen. No way could it have gotten into my house, but there was a black and white cat on my inside shelf, looking at me. I assumed he was an “astral cat” and was completely at home with his presence. I began to give “readings’ to others, was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister, and FOR A WHILE, was very busy with that realm. Later moving on to UFO studies, etc. etc. The Egyptian symbols seem to be a highly relevent UFO sign…….I too have crossed through those worlds!!!!

    1. I’ve thought for some time that the Reptilian presence indicates that this is a shared World and Universe.

      The way western religion soured our understanding of older everpresent consciousness is quite disheartening at times, yet it is for us to continue to reach higher for understanding and not rush to judgement.

      They are ancient, wise and certainly patient. We could learn a great deal from that last quality alone.


    2. Are the reptilians good, neutral or neg.? On Earthfiles one usually hears that Reptilians don’t want us here or are even working against us/against disclosure.

      1. Are Humans good, neutral or neg.?

        Physical transports can be a terrific vessel for growth.

  2. What a wonderful show! Raven was a so comforting and I liked her method for protection!
    So sorry you are still being tested Whitley. Hope you can get some peace soon.
    Storm looked like my late kitty.

  3. I have adopted twovgreyv ruxedo cats recently. Both were on the prompting of cats who had passed o. Onix is half American short-haired, half Golden Reyriver. He was raised by s dog, knows commands, wags his tail, loves peanut butter and pumpkin. He was a pet of the week but still was there for six months, labeled ad a problem cay.
    Next is Queen Maeve. When I girst went yo the shelter, she said, I’m coming home with you.igot another cat, that didn’t work our. Thenext day, she was still there, looking at ne like what did u tell you? Recently a mother, malnourished and sad that they fostered out the kittens. She did not like the food and was given medications for whatever issue the doctor thought she had. I adopt Ed, Russian blue and Siamese. Age also her own name. I was listening to a radio show, two women named Maeve were talking about their name Maeve being relatively rare. Age peeped up saying ooh, that’s my name.
    Grey xats are dairy cats.

  4. So much sounded very familiar. It helps from time to time to be reminded of some of the signs of the visitors. The banging, strange lights, symbols projected subtly into one’s mind and of course strange odours suddenly appearing.

    There are clearly similar qualities to what many describe as poltergeist activity but I wonder if what is needed in poltergeist activity is to transform the energy into a more positive presence by emanating positive and creative perception toward it? Just as Mozart encoded the conscious energy of Papageno in the Magic Flute, may we see a parallel transformation in the way sometimes frightening energy is perceived if we reach out and consciously transform the experience?

    Mr Strieber’s work provides testament that this is not only possible but readily attainable. Sure, it’s hard at times, work often blindsides us with a wall of dull energy. For example, during the week, following a policy change at work, I offered my resignation. Sleeping on it, I withdrew it and they happily said let’s move on but I’ve been left with a mild depression.

    Now, I’ll make an effort to burst out of this autumn cloud and fly higher but I can sense this isn’t going to be easy. I will tune in to Dreamland and look around me at the world, confident that it is quietly looking back at me, willing me on and hoping for brighter radiance.


  5. Dear Whitley, if someone’s after you is it not most likely to be the “men in black” that is to say people connected to the organization that wants to continue to keep the whole alien/UFO/paranormal thing a secret? Whether the people in the keep it all secret org. are all normal humans and/or a mixture of humans and/or hybrids and/or dark/neg. Non-humans is another question… or are they not totally bad but just convinced that not enough of us are ready for disclosure and believe that the ends justify the means… does that make them evil? I don’t know… probably yes… but do energy defenses help against normal humans?

  6. It sounded like you want to adopt her new cat! Will you? At least you should go meet her in real life. Was her info about psychic protection new to you, Whitley? I can’t imagine that, but if so it was high time and you better start protecting yourself regularly. Here’s a powerful protection prayer written by the Gate/Báb from Shiraz about 179 years ago: “In the Name of God, the Lord of overpowering majesty, the All-Compelling.
    HALLOWED be the Lord in Whose hand is the source of dominion. He createth whatsoever He willeth by His Word of command ‘Be’, and it is. His hath been the power of authority heretofore and it shall remain His hereafter. He maketh victorious whomsoever He pleaseth, through the potency of His behest. He is in truth the Powerful, the Almighty. Unto Him pertaineth all glory and majesty in the kingdoms of Revelation and Creation and whatever lieth between them. Verily He is the Potent, the All-Glorious. From everlasting He hath been the Source of indomitable strength and shall remain so unto everlasting. He is indeed the Lord of might and power. All the kingdoms of heaven and earth and whatever is between them are God’s, and His power is supreme over all things. All the treasures of earth and heaven and everything between them are His, and His protection extendeth over all things. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and whatever lieth between them and He truly is a witness over all things. He is the Lord of Reckoning for all that dwell in the heavens and on earth and whatever lieth between them, and truly God is swift to reckon. He setteth the measure assigned to all who are in the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. Verily He is the Supreme Protector. He holdeth in His grasp the keys of heaven and earth and of everything between them. At His Own pleasure doth He bestow gifts, through the power of His command. Indeed His grace encompasseth all and He is the All-Knowing.
    Say: God sufficeth unto me; He is the One Who holdeth in His grasp the kingdom of all things. Through the power of His hosts of heaven and earth and whatever lieth between them, He protecteth whomsoever among His servants He willeth. God, in truth, keepeth watch over all things.
    Immeasurably exalted art Thou, O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily Thy protection over all things is unfailing.” *1
    *1. The original of this prayer for protection is written in the Báb’s own hand, in the form of a pentacle.” … perhaps the last paragraph is in itself sufficient.

    1. Really fascinating interview! So very similar experiences I’ve had. After I watched the show I had a dream that I was surrounded by 17 cats in a circle around me out in a forest. I woke up and thought – I don’t think those were cats? I remember Raven Dana from decades ago and it’s great to see how happy and peaceful she seems. That was quite the cat! One of our cats crossed over recently and it’s been fascinating that both my husband, who is not “sensitive”, and myself have both seen her in our house very clearly. She just drops in periodically to say hi. We tell her how happy we are she’s ok

  7. That hallucination sounded very Lynchian, in fact straight out of ‘Twin Peaks’, with the dead woman and the dwarf. I seem to remember all the strange happenings in that series were down to an entity called ‘Bob’, that moved from person to person, whilst overriding their senses, performing terrible acts of mischief and violence.

  8. WOW! Raven Dana, what a life you are living and do seem to be in such a peaceful place. Thank you for this interview.

    I LOVE your CAT eye glasses, reminding me of the EYE OF HORUS. ALSO, you had mentioned Robert Moss and for those not familiar with his work, he was born in Melbourne (Victoria) in 1946, is an Australian historian, journalist and author and the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism.

    ALSO thinking this is definitely worth watching. I viewed it late last night, it came as something I might like from Google.

    Nikola Tesla’s TERRIFYING Prediction has just been made public


    1. Carollee, I assume that you know that there was a
      connection between Tesla and Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump?

      1. Hi, Cosmic!

        No, this is the first time I have heard about the connection between these two men.

        1. Two days after Tesla died, the FBI asked John G. Trump, to determine if any of the belongings in Tesla’s estate would be dangerous if they fell into enemy hands. They were concerned about a ‘death ray’ weapon of mass destruction. John Trump was an esteemed electrical engineer and professor at MIT, and he found no evidence of a ‘death ray’. There have been lots of weird ideas put out there about him, and his connection to the previous president appears to be nothing more than an interesting factoid—but still, it’s an odd coincidence—and Musk named is vehicle ‘Tesla’, and many compare Musk (erroneously, in my opinion) to the late genius.

    2. Also, Anne did an interview with Robert Moss on Mysterious Powers in 2005 about his book Dreamways of the Iroquois.

  9. I am reminded of Anne and her being accompanied by Coe during her NDE…

    I once had a grey rescue cat that I named ‘Shadow’…

    A few months ago we adopted a new cat, now 6 months old. She is something special, and she has a protective air about her too…and she is the most unusual calico that I have ever seen! She has white circles (not white stripes) on her body, and within each circle, right in the middle, is a white spot. Before we picked her up to bring her home, I put out to the Universe, “What is her name?” Over a period of three days, the name ‘Shiloh’ came up in totally unrelated ways 3 times. What are the odds? I told my partner, we should call her Shiloh, and he immediately agreed.

    Shiloh…The Peacemaker…

    1. Is it just me or is anyone else fascinated by Dana’s cat? I can’t stop looking into those eyes; it’s like looking into a bottomless dream while cast adrift..

      1. Shiloh is that way. I’ve had many cats in my life, and so far she is unique in several ways, not to mention she is also the most intelligent cat I’ve ever had, hands down.

      2. Ha! I’m just halfway through and loving on Storm’s beautiful face and silky coat. She does not appear feral. Perhaps she was abandoned and starving because she wasnt used to hunting for food. Fortunately (and with some guidance), she has found her ‘person’😊.

  10. Hi whitley,

    It is true when you open yourself up to the unknown it leaves you open and exposed to positive and negative energies you should have your home smudged and learn to do it for yourself too! I have always been open even as a small child and it has been a constant battle to protect against bad thoughts, dreams and people who really are not your friends your not alone somebody was looking out for you and steered you to Raven Dana. 😉
    That was a wonderful podcast and left me with an amazing warmth deep within! Protect yourself and things will get better.


  11. I have more than a passing interest in Ancient Egypt, and I am particularly focused on how that civilization manifests itself in today’s consciousness. The appearance of the symbols mentioned in the show that manifested to people at Whitley’s cabin has not surprisingly caught my attention, therefore. To hear almost an entire show about this was nothing short of delightful.

    As “The Eye Of Heru (Horus)” is referenced in many of the ancient texts – funereal, magickal, worshipful – I have wondered if there is another layer of meaning we have lost in translation? As the eye is mentioned manifesting and having a life of its own in some cases, I wonder if the ancients were describing seeing something like an orb? In some cases, perhaps large ones?

    The Eye Of Heru must also be considered in relation to another set of orbs if we are to fully understand them, I feel. Whitely did mention that Heru’s eye was torn out by Set – this is only half the myth: the other half is that Heru tore off Set’s testicles. Can we deduct two different natures of the eye, therefore? A celestial and terrestrial one?

    This idea is also echoed in the existence of not one but two gods named Heru: one was Heru Ur (Horus The Elder) considered to be the brother of Set, Ausar (Osiris), Auset (Isis) and NebtHt (Nephthys). He might be considered the celestial Heru, whilst the other one that fought Set for the crown of Egypt is Heru Sa Auset (Horus Son Of Isis).

    Have Raven and Whitley considered these ideas in their examination of this marvelous manifestation? That you have deducted that it was the “moon” eye I think is also significant.

    Also interesting is the emergence of the cat goddess Bast in all of this (the description Raven gave of the cat manifesting with the presence of something else and that something else being beneficent makes me think that indeed the goddess has played a part in all of this).

    I am not sure when this show was recorded, but this past Halloween week has been one of powerful dreams and strange manifestations for me also. In, one dream I saw a cat that had a very human face, but strangely did not associate this with Bast. In reading the comments here, I learn about Robert Moss who is a dream shaman by the looks; he was born In Melbourne, Australia where I live!!! More synch! Can we have him on the show Whitley?

    Finally, as an aside, Auset (Isis) and NebtHt (Nephthys) sometimes took the form of ravens in the ancient myths.

  12. I urge Whitley and everyone else here to watch this recent short video and many more by Gigi Young, a singular psychic/intuitive coach whose work has changed my life. She’s a follower of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, and combined with her own experiences and decades of processing what she has seen, she teaches that we are living in a human universe that is a school, and that the beings we encounter are either A) higher evolved humans on a different timeline, e.g., the Nordics, Blondes, etc., or devolved beings on a divergent timeline that chose transhumanism, e.g. the Greys. She teaches that we are not in a galactic neighborhood of random beings who come and go as they please, but that only beings from this human earth can enter and leave inter dimensionally, for helpful or nefarious purposes. We will never understand this phenomena until we study the esoteric, ordered system we are part of. HIGHLY recommended.

    1. I recommend books about and by Rudolph Steiner, as well, along with esoteric texts such as The Emerald Tablets and The Kybalion, and I am also familiar with Gigi Young. There are so many valuable tools out there, including Dean Radin’s ‘Real Magic’. I also recall reading essays by Raven Dana way back, and would love to meet her and have a chat!

  13. That’s a great cat right there.

    When you dream your mind works different. Rarely do you realize you’re dreaming because something locks away knowledge of the waking world. I have a hunch that our awake mind is locking away knowledge of another layer of reality the same way.

  14. Whitley, Is it possible that the hotel room encounter was not a drug induced hallucination, but rather a mediumship experience and a woman died in that room and the Dwarf was a worker of some sort, a soul-recycler or something? After the previous events, perhaps you were in a state that made you open to a perception and the Dwarf showed you something. If the woman died of drug overdose she may have laid there for quite a while in a half dead tormented state. I am curious, beyond appearance, what feeling did the Dwarf radiate with? What was its attitude and disposition?

    Note that I suspect if hallucinogens were involved, everything would have been psychedelic, as opposed to a vision that comes and goes, but then who knows what drugs exist these days, especially in non-public sectors. Regardless it sounded more like a psychic experience than a drug experience when I heard it.

  15. Whitley, Is it possible that the hotel room encounter was not a drug induced hallucination, but rather a mediumship experience and a woman died in that room and the Dwarf Awas a worker of some sort, a soul-recycler or something? After the previous events, perhaps you were in a state that made you open to a perception and the Dwarf showed you something. If the woman died of drug overdose she may have laid there for quite a while in a half dead tormented state. I am curious, beyond appearance, what feeling did the Dwarf radiate with? What was its attitude and disposition?

    Note that I suspect if hallucinogens were involved, everything would have been psychedelic, as opposed to a vision that comes and goes, but then who knows what drugs exist these days, especially in non-public sectors. Regardless it sounded more like a psychic experience than a drug experience when I heard it.

  16. Wow, in so many ways.

    And this cat looks as much like a Gray as any feline possibly could.

  17. Whitley, my old Kung Fu teacher told me to be the mud from which grows the lotus blossom, upon which Yin Guan is seated. If you can be that mud, her white light will encompass and protect you. It worked for me…

    p.s. As I was listening to this, I saw a very simple, line drawing of an eye. Not the eye of Horus, but a very simple elipse with radiating lines, almost like eyelashes. Instead of a round pupil, there was a teardrop shape. I sketched it straight away, but it is not an image I recall seeing before, at all. Anyone else recognise the description?

  18. Listening to this show again today as I drove home from the North of England, I formed a different view of what possibly transpired with the two extra pills.

    Anti-seizure or anti-epilepsy medication can cause complete loss of memory of an event and the anti-depressant may have further facilitated the effect by stimulating a sense of distraction or loss of concentration.

    One can’t help but wonder that had Mr Strieber ingested this combination that he would have undergone the hallucinatory state and then found that he seemed to have no memory of it.

    It isn’t rocket science to consider that the intent may have been to embed trauma in his subconscious and perhaps disrupt his attention long term.

    All said and done, remaining attentive and in a state of clarity is essential at the best of times. I’m glad that he spotted this potential effort.


  19. Dear Whitley,
    I have listened to you for years and I named my cat after you. I had my dear Whitley for 16 years and he was indeed an incredible soul. He died last spring and I still miss him.
    Eckhard Tolle says,”I have lived with several Zen Masters.All of them cats.

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