William Buhlman is one of the world’s leading experts on out-of-body experiences. One reader of his books said that the experiences she’d had after reading them had relieved her fear of death.

He gives us little-known details about what the out of body state is. “It’s a natural phenomenon. A transfer of consciousness is occurring.” To achieve an OBE, it is necessary–and possible–to induce the right vibrational state.

He also believes that at least some alien abductions are actually unfolding in the out-of-body state, and have to do with a form of nonphysical contact.

William Buhlman is one of the world’s great experts on this little known phenomenon, and he offers us rich new insights and revelations.
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Swiss neurologist Olaf Blanke says out-of-body experiences are caused when a part of the brain called the angular gyrus, which controls our perception of the body, misfires under stress, causing the sensation of floating outside the body. He discovered this while mapping the brain of an epileptic patient. However, Blanke admits, “We do not fully understand the neurological mechanism that causes OBEs.”
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