Robert Bruce returns with new insights into psychic self defense and out of body experiences. He takes us through the process of leaving the body and also describes some fantastic personal experiences of possession and fighting off what he calls "negs," or negative entities.

Listen as Robert leads us deep into a phenomenal but hidden and denied world of psychic power and psychic threat that is very real. Then, in the second half of the show, Whitley asks a question from Anne Strieber, and then proceeds to tell of an incredible experience where she manifested physically!
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A psychology graduate student at the University of Ottawa says that she is able to leave her body at will, and has now done this while under a brain scan. It’s clear from the results that OBE is a special state, not a normal state of drowsiness, self-hypnosis or imagination. While her sleep quality was somewhat lower than normal, she had a higher than average level of imaging activity in her brain. She reported that she had been able to spontaneously leave her body all of her life, and was surprised that others could not do this.
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Host Marla Frees

Marla Frees is back from her Gateway experience at the Monroe Institute, and she has some powerful adventures to tell us about. Whitley Strieber has also done a Gateway, and they share their descriptions of this powerful program and the ways it changed them. Prepare to be amazed, because remarkable things happened to both of them there. Then Marla interviews Paul Rademacher, President of the Monroe Institue, who tells of his own extraordinary journey into the world of Robert Monroe and his work.

The Monroe Institute’s website is
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William Buhlman is one of the world’s leading experts on out-of-body experiences. One reader of his books said that the experiences she’d had after reading them had relieved her fear of death.

He gives us little-known details about what the out of body state is. “It’s a natural phenomenon. A transfer of consciousness is occurring.” To achieve an OBE, it is necessary–and possible–to induce the right vibrational state.

He also believes that at least some alien abductions are actually unfolding in the out-of-body state, and have to do with a form of nonphysical contact.

William Buhlman is one of the world’s great experts on this little known phenomenon, and he offers us rich new insights and revelations.
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