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Robert Bruce returns with new insights into psychic self defense and out of body experiences. He takes us through the process of leaving the body and also describes some fantastic personal experiences of possession and fighting off what he calls “negs,” or negative entities.

Listen as Robert leads us deep into a phenomenal but hidden and denied world of psychic power and psychic threat that is very real. Then, in the second half of the show, Whitley asks a question from Anne Strieber, and then proceeds to tell of an incredible experience where she manifested physically!

This show is a powerful reminder of just how little we know about ourselves, the world around us, and what it all may mean.

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  1. Whitley and Anne are a bright
    Whitley and Anne are a bright glow of energy never to be denied. Stop, listen and learn, be aware and always take quite time each day.

  2. Last night we listened to
    Last night we listened to this program. I am Steve’s wife, Kathy. I woke up hours later with a song going through my mind,,, “You fill up my senses..”
    When I woke this morning, the song was still there. As I was making breakfast it came to me that it was a John Denver song, Annnies song.
    Please forgive the typos. I had several strokes last year and my sight is affected.
    Many blessings

    1. Kathy, I have had encounters
      Kathy, I have had encounters with John Denver as well. His is an especially strong spirit,and also one with some of the warmest, strongest energy I have ever experienced. Anne Strieber was very attuned to the Green Man, and John Denver was close to nature, so I am sure that they are ‘friends’. When John died in a plane crash years ago, there was speculation by some that he may have committed suicide. His death bothered me a great deal, and I was a huge fan in my youth. ‘Rocky Mountain High’ is still one of my all-time favorite recordings of John’s, and if you are not familiar with it, I advise getting a copy and listening with headphones. I swear, I cannot listen to it without my heart swelling and tears flowing. It is a hymn about nature, friendship, love, and all the things this artist held close to his soul. After a long absence from listening to his music a few years ago, I downloaded ‘Rocky Mountain High’ and made such a connection to him that it astounded me. And the way that he died? Of course, I cannot prove it, but what he told me made a lot of sense. He loved flying as much as he loved nature. On that day in particular, he got caught up in both of them to the point that he flat out was not paying attention to what he was doing. (You might call it, ‘distracted flying’).

      I would be interested to know if Whitley is aware of an Anne Strieber/John Denver connection.

      Far out! 🙂

  3. Good show, thank you.

    Good show, thank you.

    I know this will seem unbelievable, it is to me too, but a few hours after listening to this show I experienced a physical visitation. I was awake and in my body. I won’t go into all the details but a humanoid entity made close, loving physical contact with me and fed incredible energy into me. Almost too much energy to bear. This is what I perceived. It lasted for a few minutes and was absolutely amazing. I don’t know what’s happening but I feel like I’m heading in the right direction and that this website has played a huge part of that.

    1. that is awesome. I would
      that is awesome. I would suggest sealing the experience with prayer and some form of service.

  4. so where is the second half
    so where is the second half of the show?????

    this happens all the time with this show….you hear about the “second part of the show…you come here to subscribe section and there;s nothing!!

  5. Mr Gompers, you need to log
    Mr Gompers, you need to log in first, then listen. If you don’t log in before you begin to listen, you will hear the free show. If you are on the mobile site, you have to press the menu on the upper right (3 lines, as on all mobile apps) and log in there before playing the show. On the main site, press log in on the right side of the masthead, then listen.

  6. Frigging awesome!! 🙂 So in
    Frigging awesome!! 🙂 So in my home, there are many strange things happening, I have been physically attacked (pic of scratches on my back) by “something”; soon thereafter, my wife was attacked as well. The veil is thinning indeed. Thank you for an awesome show Whitley.. loved it.

    PS. I have had a partial OBE.. I am thinking my freaking out as it was happening did not help matters… LOL..


  7. I just read these comments
    I just read these comments today, Cosmic Librarian, and have to also comment on my love for John Denver and his music. He was truly an inspiration to me from the beginning of his career. I still fly an airplane like the one he died in to this day. I built it in the ’80’s , and have been flying it for over 24 years and almost 500,000 miles. It is a good plane, and I agree that he was probably just distracted that day and made several ‘dumb’ mistakes. I couldn’t listen to his music for several years after that without breaking down and crying. I especially like some of his less well known albums, such as “Spirit”. I am sure he is doing well in his new environment, and still inspires me whenever I think of him or listen to his music.

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