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Marla Frees is back from her Gateway experience at the Monroe Institute, and she has some powerful adventures to tell us about. Whitley Strieber has also done a Gateway, and they share their descriptions of this powerful program and the ways it changed them. Prepare to be amazed, because remarkable things happened to both of them there. Then Marla interviews Paul Rademacher, President of the Monroe Institue, who tells of his own extraordinary journey into the world of Robert Monroe and his work.

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  1. Always another fascinating
    Always another fascinating interview. Perhaps more detail could have been elicited. Sometimes these interviews appear to be too general or perfunctory. For example, what process do you go through for the Gateway experience? Or is that giving too much away? Nonetheless thank you for expanding our minds.

    1. The facilities are nice and
      The facilities are nice and the people friendly. The Gateway Experience is an introduction to the Monroe use of a certain type of frequencies that sync the two half of the brains. The room you stay in has a bed/booth with headphones and you listen to the frequencies. They induce altered experiences and the experience varies with the individual. Monroe began these experiments with these frequencies to assist others in experiencing out of body experiences that he himself experienced without the use of the frequencies.

      Basicly at the Gateway Experience you do a number of sessions with the frequencies each day and share your experience with others in the workshop. The experience would vary with the individual.

  2. It was interesting to see how
    It was interesting to see how the Andreasson family has integrated the aliens into their family life! Typical American family the grandkids are like no; no don’t tell me I don’t need to know. It would make a good sitcom. Bob and family hear a loud bang on their car at the drive in movie theater. His wife says get out and see what it was and he doesn’t want to! He knows there’s nothing he can do just wait and see what happens. On the way home the whole car is sucked up into a ship how typically alien. Archie Bunker meets the aliens. Edith what are they doing now jeez!!!

  3. I first attended the Monroe
    I first attended the Monroe Institute in October 2000 doing my Gateway Experience since that time I have returned 9 more times to do programs there. I was 59 yrs old during my first trip and it completely altered my perspective on life in the most enlightening and positive manner. I first learned of the Institute after reading Robert Monroe’s book “Journeys of of the body around 1977. His experiences resonated with thoughts and perceptions I had long held to myself. In 1996 I again started to research Monroe and found then that there was actually a place where one could take a program that explained more of what he had described earlier. The Gateway Experience is just as Whitley and Marla Frees have described. It is an individual experience that will leave you with no doubt that you have had a “known” experience versus an imagined one. The entire trajectory of my life has changed since that first experience and I attended 9 more programs since then, all of which have had profound effects on my life. The ambiance of the area where the institute resides, the facilitators who work with you and the wonderful support staff who work to make your experience comfortable and safe are superb. Then the fellow participants who you meet from all over the world. Each time a different group at a new program with some pleasant exceptions of old friends who you keep in contact with over the years. I am 70 yrs old now and had experienced a full life before attending the Monroe Institute, I thought. To my surprise my life has opened to another level of consciousness that I had previously only contemplated in dreams and deep philosophical conversations with friends. I see life as a school where we are spiritual beings having a human experience each being having their own individual experience. For those of you who have a questioning mind there is a place where I found answers to my deepest questions about myself and life in general. Once you experience the feeling of “knowing,” direct experience you can discern the difference between that and your imagination creating the experience.

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