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David Paulides has published a new version of his book Missing 411 that extends his research beyond North America, to reveal that mysterious disappearances are a worldwide phenomenon. In this riveting interview, Dave tells us about some new cases he has found, including one from Iceland that is eerily similar to the Indonesian case Alan Lamers described on Dreamland in June of 2010. Together, the two cases, as well as many others, suggests that there could be another species on Earth that periodically takes human beings. (For more information about the Indonesian case, click here. If you are a subscriber, log in and you can listen.)

Also described are a number of new cases that can only be described as highly unusual, where skilled woodsmen have disappeared with all of their equipment, and without a trace. In addition, there is information about the exact types of places that seem to encourage disappearances.

Listen before going hiking, please. And when you hike, definitely carry a personal transponder. Only one person that Dave knows of has gone missing while carrying one. (A remarkable case, but probably explainable.)

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  1. From The Allies of Humanity,
    From The Allies of Humanity, Book Two:

    “As we have said, those who are intervening in your world today want to gain control of this world for obvious reasons and for reasons that are not so obvious. They see this world as a great prize, rich in resources, governed by a race that they believe is unruly and unworthy to be the stewards of such a wondrous place. They also value your world, as we have said, because of its strategic importance and because of the hidden depositories that exist in many parts of the world.

    But this does not fully answer the question as to what the visitors really want. Here we must open another door into the darker side of the Intervention and, in doing so, reveal more to you the nature of commerce as it exists in this part of the Galaxy.

    As we have said, the Intervention is primarily a set of commercial forces, not military forces. They view your world for its prospects, for its resources, for its strategic importance and for its hidden treasures. But what you must understand at this point is that they also value YOU.

    In technological societies such as the Collectives, biological resources are extremely valuable and difficult to find in the Greater Community. As we have said repeatedly, your world is viewed as a biological storehouse. So while the visitors want the mineral resources of your world, they also want things that are much more elemental to the needs of life. They need water. They need oxygen. They need blood. They need the resistance factors in blood. They need plasma. They need the biological elements that constitute life and that are fundamental to life everywhere. This means that they need you as a biological resource.

    You may wonder, where have all the people gone who have disappeared and not returned? You may ask this. Did they all run away? Some indeed were the victims of human violence. Some indeed have run away. But we are talking about many people (and animals) worldwide who have disappeared, without a trace, without a clue. We know this from studying the transmissions of your governments. We know this from what the Unseen Ones have told us. And we know this because this is evident in the Collectives’ intrusions in other worlds. Somehow, mysteriously, individuals begin to disappear at the early stages of these Interventions. And people who recognize that these disappearances are happening will think it is due to the normal but unfortunate circumstances within their own cultures. It will be explained in these terms.”

  2. Well I am an Icelander and I
    Well I am an Icelander and I can tell you that there is alot more to the elve lore in Iceland than you have been talking about. Well documented cases in the last 100 years and when you go further back in history the cases become more lore-like.
    But these beings; the Elves (Resemble the elves in J.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings) and the Hidden people are indistinguishable from humans. But they have the ability to appear and disappear in front of your eyes. Lots of Stories of encounters. I can remember something like 5 from the last 50 years or so

  3. Theres one well known case
    Theres one well known case here in Australia about some sisters that disapeared,there was a movie made about it called Picnic at Hanging Rock.

    1. Please please please this is
      Please please please this is a fictional case – the girls and the school never existed although the rock did and does.

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