Another horrific half-cat mutilation cycle has begun. As before, not a trace of any perpetrator can be found, despite the large number of felines affected. Then, in the second half of the show, a mysterious boom throws a woman across a beach and injures her.

Cat mutilations are generally dismissed as predator action, but officials never bother to explain the neat incisions, the lack of blood and, above all, the fact that no perpetrator, animal or human, has ever even been seen, let alone caught.
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In view of Starfire Tor’s vision of the future that emerges in the second half of Dreamland, this week for subscribers, we return to October 19, 2002 and Linda Moulton Howe discussing Earth’s future with Chet Snow, in the context of the geometry of crop circles. What was thought of Earth’s destiny in 2002? Was the vision of the future that was evolving in those days in any way true or accurate? People were thinking about the impact of 2012 and the coming 21st Century, but was their thinking valid?
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Dreamland is being presented from Wednesday, May 20 this week instead of starting on Friday. The reason is that this show not only makes it clear that the Roswell slides, far from being fakes or images of the mummy of a child, do indeed depict a body with extremely unusual anatomical features that are not the result of deformity and are not human. Jaime Maussan now has medical professionals from Mexico, the US and Canada bearing witness to this. Incredibly, Linda Moulton Howe, in attempting to determine whether or not the body depicted in the slides was actually located, as some researchers have claimed, in the now closed White’s City Museum in New Mexico, has discovered a clear photograph of what appears to be a completely different nonhuman more

As NASA’s Dawn spacecraft approached the dwarf planet, a bright spot that had been observed as long as 10 years ago by the Hubble Space Telescope came into sharper and sharper focus. But then what happened?

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe gets the latest information and thinking from NASA on what Ceres is, what the bright spot may be, and just when we will see close up imagery.

Right now, Dawn is orbiting the back side of the planetoid, but why didn’t we see any more detailed images during its initial approach?

What’s going on out there? Don’t miss this fascinating update!

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