Dreamland is being presented from Wednesday, May 20 this week instead of starting on Friday. The reason is that this show not only makes it clear that the Roswell slides, far from being fakes or images of the mummy of a child, do indeed depict a body with extremely unusual anatomical features that are not the result of deformity and are not human. Jaime Maussan now has medical professionals from Mexico, the US and Canada bearing witness to this. Incredibly, Linda Moulton Howe, in attempting to determine whether or not the body depicted in the slides was actually located, as some researchers have claimed, in the now closed White’s City Museum in New Mexico, has discovered a clear photograph of what appears to be a completely different nonhuman body. This body was housed in the museum with a placard that read "Alien Body?"

Do the Roswell slides really depict a nonhuman? Is the White’s City body a plaster fake or a real body? You will find some of the answers in this program, but it is hoped that both bodies can be physically recovered and subjected to direct analysis. Right now, this stunning mystery is strongly suggestive that no less than two extremely strange bodies were held in public view at unknown times in the past.

In view of the provocative nature of this edition of the show, it is being presented both to free and subscription listeners in its entirety. Whitley Strieber has prepared additional material for subscribers that explores some of the extraordinary reasons that, if these are indeed alien bodies or something even stranger, we can expect an extraordinary challenge ahead in definitively identifying them.

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