It’s no secret that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta have a keen interest in the subject of unidentified flying objects — both have publicly discussed this interest, and their intention to instigate disclosure of any material that they’re able to obtain. Correspondence found in the recent Wikileaks release of Clinton’s hacked emails reinforce their views, showing Podesta discussed UFOs with late Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, as well as other individuals that may have had insider information on the more

Hillary Clinton is hedging her bets regarding UFO disclosure, saying that if there are national security issues involved, she won’t be able to proceed after she enters office.

We know for certain that Jimmy Carter promised to tell all prior to entering office, then refused to do so. More recently, he has refused even answer questions about the matter.

Laurence Rockefeller was a passing acquaintance of mine, and we once had a discussion about what happened when he attempted to confront Bill Clinton with the question. Clinton replied, simply, that he couldn’t discuss it.
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