Stanton Friedman week on Dreamland

June 19, 2004
It's Stanton Friedman week on Dreamland! The master UFO researcher talks about his greatest cases and his latest findings, and they are amazing. This UFO researcher with 40 years of experience tells his expectations for the future of UFO sightings... continued

China’s Terracotta Warriors

June 12, 2004
Maurice Cotterell talks about the secrets of China's Terracotta Warriors, the 8000 life-size warrior figures found buried in a two thousand year old Chinese tomb. He has discovered a message hidden with the warriors that is of tremendous importance to... continued

CIA mind control with Donald Bain

June 5, 2004
We explore the murky depths of CIA mind control this week with Donald Bain, the author of the CIA's Control of Candy Jones, the documented story of a supermodel's struggle with childhood programming. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on... continued

Science of the Soul with Peter Novak

May 29, 2004
First, Whitley tells of his experiences as the Day After Tomorrow premiere with Art, then Peter Novak discusses the new science of the soul. Linda on an incredible crop circle in Ohio and menacing helicopters in the UK. NOTE: This... continued

Ahmed Osman — New Vision of Christ

May 22, 2004
Ahmed Osman says that Tutankhamen, Jesus and Joshua are all the same person and he offers some powerful evidence that, at the very least, our current histories are completely wrong. But does this mean that he thinks Jesus wasn't charged... continued

William Mann tells the story of the Knights Templar in America

May 15, 2004
William Mann tells the story of the Knights Templar in America. Did they bring the bloodline of Jesus and hidden knowledge that was later transmitted by the Master of the Key? Then Linda interviews Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan about the... continued

Great Cross of Hendaye

May 8, 2004
Whitley talks about the Day After Tomorrow and how, despite what most scientists are saying, the fossil record shows that extreme weather changes have happened in hours in the past and lasted for millennia. Then Jay Weidener on the mysteries... continued

JH Brennan — Evidence of Time Travel

May 1, 2004
JH Brennan says that there is evidence that time travelers from the future are already coming back into the past. Then, in a stunning synchronicity, Linda Howe interviews an engineer who may have seen a time machine in a cave... continued

Dr. Lynne Kitei — The Phoenix Lights

April 24, 2004
Dr. Lynne Kitei tells us how her contact with the Phoenix Lights developed into a huge public display, and discusses the frantic efforts of the US government and the skeptics community to debunk them as 'flares.' Then Linda Howe interviews... continued

Dr. Lynne Kitei — The Phoenix Lights

April 17, 2004
Dr. Lynne Kitei was the first person to see the Phoenix Lights, which, on March 13, 1997, stunned the entire community with what has come to be understood as the most important UFO event ever, the single event that points... continued