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February 21, 2013
I'm stumped, just like the author of this article. Are these solar arrays, some sort of agricultural system, or what? If you have certain knowledge of what they are, post a comment below. Or just an idea--post away! continued

Multiple witness close flyby last night

February 19, 2013
On Sunday night, Feb. 17, 2013 at about 9:35 pm, my wife and I were watching TV when all of a sudden a huge, bright light came in through our window. It was so big and so close I thought... continued

Meteor like object over England–but it’s going UP

February 16, 2013
The strange object pictured here was seen ascending over a bird sanctuary in England at 5:25 PM local time Wednesday. The object has an appearance uncannily similar to a ghost rocket that was photographed over Newfoundland on January 25, 2010.... continued

UC reader observes unknown objects over Arizona

February 12, 2013
An reader sends this description of orange lights south of Kingman Arizone on Route 93, between 9 and 10PM February 7. The description of the operations suggests that these were not sky lanterns, but genuine unknowns: Saw a bright... continued

UFO appears over world’s largest oil refinery, causes security concerns.

February 10, 2013
The Indian press is reporting that an unknown object appeared over the Reliance Industries oil refinery in Jamjagar, India. Photos were taken and the sightings were reported to Indian authorities by Reliance officials. PMS Prasad, Reliance Executive Director, wrote to the... continued

UFO over McAllen in South Texas

February 9, 2013
This object taped over McAllen, Texas on January 23 could be a plane, but if so it has a very unusual pattern of lights. Still two strobes are visible. However, UFOs often strobe as well. Probable unknown continued

The Legendary Disney UFO Documentary

February 8, 2013
This is documentary was produced by the Walt Disney Company in 1995. It only appeared in 5 states, and was then shelved. It has been something of a legend, and has now appeared on YouTube. How long will it be before... continued

Orbs of light in space: NASA admits they are unknowns

February 8, 2013
For years, people have been clipping NASA footage from the space shuttle and the ISS that show strange lights and moving objects. For Whitley Strieber's 1999 NBC special Confirmation, a NASA spokesman was asked to watch the famous STS-80 video, and said,... continued

Detailed daylight video from Colombia

February 7, 2013
This object was videotaped over Colombia on January 11. It displays intricate and impressive detail, but which is blurred in a manner that suggests that it may not be a computer graphic, which would have sharper edges, but is rather... continued

High speed object taped from plane over Massachusetts

February 6, 2013
This is a genuine unknown. The object appears very briefly, traveling at high speed. It is NOT the jet producing the contrail, but an object that flies from right to left across the window of the jet, between 14 and... continued