This victim impact statement was read befor the court at the sentencing
of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the ‘Underwear Bomber’ who attempted
to blow up a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas
Day, 2009. The statement makes it clear that Umar was assisted onto the
flight by an unknown individual in a tan suit, and that this man intervened
with security in order to allow him onto the flight without a passport.

It also points out that federal prosecutors have made an effort to suppress
evidence about governmental wrongdoing in regard to this incident, in order
to prevent passengers from filing civil suits against the government.

In addition, it makes it plain that officials were indifferent to the safety of
passengers after the plane landed, despite Umar’s warning that there was
another bomb aboard.

The governments involved, both Dutch and US, have declined to release
security videos that would show the man in the tan suit.

It seems clear that this was a staged terror event, and that the reason
officials were unconcerned about the safety of the passengers is that
they knew that they were not in danger.

So, what is the US government, with the complicity of Dutch officials,
doing staging a terror incident? Something is very wrong, and there is
an urgent need for citizen action. The only real course that presents itself,
though, is that of civil suits against the government, or legislative action
compelling officials to reveal the truth.

Victim Impact Statement by Kurt Haskell, Attorney.
February 16, 2012.

Every victim of a crime in Michigan is entitled to make a statement in open
court regarding the impact of the crime on their life. The statement is
limited to the victim’s physical, emotional and financial well being as it
relates to the crime. Keep that in mind as you read my statement. Below is
a copy of the victim impact statement I gave today at the Underwear Bomber
sentencing hearing. When reading my statement, keep in mind that I am a
practicing attorney in the State of Michigan. In addition, I regularly
practice in the Court the hearings are taking place at and therefore, I am
somewhat limited as to what I can say. We were limited to 5 minutes each.

I wish to thank the Court for allowing me these 5 minutes to make my
statement. My references to the government in this statement refer to the
Federal Government excluding this Court and the prosecution. On Christmas
Day 2009, my wife and I were returning from an African safari and had a
connecting flight through Amsterdam. As we waited for our flight, we sat on
the floor next to the boarding gate. What I witnessed while sitting there
and subsequent events have changed my life forever. While I sat there, I
witnessed Umar dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt, being escorted around
security by a man in a tan suit who spoke perfect American English and who
aided Umar in boarding without a passport. The airline gate worker
initially refused Umar boarding until the man in the tan suit intervened.
The event meant nothing to me at the time. Little did I know that Umar
would try to kill me a few hours later as our flight approached Detroit.
The final 10 minutes of our flight after the attack were the worst minutes
of my life. During those 10 minutes I sat paralyzed in fear. Unfortunately,
what happened next has had an even greater impact on my life and has
saddened me further.

When we landed, I was shocked that our plane taxied up to the gate. I was
further shocked that we were forced to sit on the plane for 20 minutes with
powder from the so called bomb all over the cabin. The officers that
boarded the plane did nothing to ensure our safety and did not check for
accomplices or other explosive devices. Several passengers trampled through
parts of the bomb as they exited the plane. We were then taken into the
terminal with our unchecked carry on bags. Again, there was no concern for
our safety even though Umar told the officers that there was another bomb
on board as he exited the plane. I wondered why nobody was concerned about
our safety, accomplices or other bombs and the lack of concern worried me
greatly. I immediately told the FBI my story in order to help catch the
accomplice I had seen in Amsterdam. It soon became obvious that the FBI
wasn’t interested in what I had to say, which upset me further. For one
month the government refused to admit the existence of the man in the tan
suit before changing course and admitting his existence in an ABC News
article on January 22, 2010. That was the last time the government talked
about this man. The video that would prove the truth of my account has
never been released. I continue to be emotionally upset that the video has
not been released. The Dutch police, meanwhile, in this article (show
article), also confirmed that Umar did not show his passport in Amsterdam
which also meant that he didn’t go through security as both are in the same
line in Amsterdam. It upsets me that the government refuses to admit this

I became further saddened from this case, when Patrick Kennedy of the State
Department during Congressional hearings, admitted that Umar was a known
terrorist, was being followed, and the U.S. allowed him into the U.S. so
that it could catch Umar’s accomplices. I was once again shocked and
saddened when Michael Leiter of the National Counter terrorism Center
admitted during these same hearings that intentionally letting terrorists
into the U.S. was a frequent practice of the U.S. Government. I cannot
fully explain my sadness, disappointment and fear when I realized that my
government allowed an attack on me intentionally.

During this time, I questioned if my country intentionally put a known
terrorist onto my flight with a live bomb. I had many sleepless nights over
this issue. My answer came shortly thereafter. In late 2010, the FBI
admitted to giving out intentionally defective bombs to the Portland
Christmas Tree Bomber,the Wrigley Field Bomber and several others. Further,
Mr. Chambers was quoted in the Free Press on January 11, 2011 when he
indicated that the government’s own explosives experts had indicated that
Umar’s bomb was impossibly defective. I wondered how that could be.
Certainly, I thought, Al Qaeda wouldn’t go through all of the trouble to
plan such an attack only to provide the terrorist with an impossibly
defective bomb.

I attended nearly all of the pretrial hearings. At the hearing on January
28, 2011, I was greatly disappointed by the prosecution’s request to block
evidence from Mr. Chambers "as it could then be able to be obtained by
third parties, who could use it in a civil suit against the government". It
really bothered me that the government apparently was admitting to
wrongdoing of some kind as it admitted that it was concerned it would be
sued. It further upset me to know that the government was putting its own
interests ahead of those of the passengers.

When I attended the jury selection hearings, I questioned why versions of
the same two questions kept coming up, those being:

1. Do you think whether you’ll be able to tell whether something is
actually a bomb? and
2. Do you realize that sometimes the media doesn’t always tell the truth?

I continued to be greatly saddened at this point as I felt the truth
continued to be hidden.

When Umar listed me as his only witness, I was happy to testify, not on his
behalf, but on behalf of the truth. I never expected to testify, as my
eyewitness account would have been too damaging to the myth that the
government and media are putting forward. A mere 5 days after I was
announced as a witness, there was an inexplicable guilty plea which
exasperated me as I no longer would be testifying.

In closing I will just say that regardless of how the media and government
try to shape the public perception of this case, I am convinced that Umar
was given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. Government agent and
placed on our flight without showing a passport or going through security,
to stage a false terrorist attack to be used to implement various
government policies.

The effect this matter has had on my life has been astounding and due to
this case, I will never trust the government in any matter, ever.

In regards to sentencing, nothing I’ve said excuses the fact that Umar
tried to kill me. He has waived his valid claim to the entrapment defense.
Umar, you are not a great Muslim martyr, you are merely a "Patsy". I ask
the court to impose the mandatory sentence.

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