In his meditations in the Unknowncountry subscriber area, Whitley Strieber speaks of the use of disciplined imagination and how powerful it can be. This subscriber has been using it correctly, and his letter serves as a good illustration of how it is done, and how it can be taken beyond the starting places offered by Whitley.

Hello Whitley,

I feel compelled to write you a description of what I had experienced two nights ago during one of my meditations.  But before I go further into detail, I also need to reveal another experience which had happened to me this past summer.  For about two years now, I have been doing your meditations in the Subscriber section hoping to gain something substantial for the health of my soul.  During most of my meditations, I feel no different than before, at least physically.  However, there have been a few times in which I have felt profound sensations filling my body and expanding out, into the beyond, into the space around me like a slow-moving explosion of being.
Of all the meditations on your website, the Blue Pearl is the one that has moved me the most, and because of that, I have done adaptations of it.  With it, in place of the Blue Pearl, I would often imagine other stars, planets, concepts, and ideas to my heart’s and mind’s content, and lately, the essence and soul of the Communion Lady herself, and bring them all respectively one by one into my solar plexis and see what would happen in the future.  
I would begin with your basic sensation exercise.  First, I would feel the sensation of my feet, then my lower and upper legs, then my hands and arms.  Then, I would slowly focus my sensation from the tip of my spine and bring it like a path of golden light up my vertebrae until it reached my head and face.  Then I would move it back, down the spine, until I had carefully focused my attention to the center of my body, just beneath the navel.  Then I would expand my sensation in all directions.   
I would think of a target concept or idea and imagine it as an orb of light or any color or texture of that essence that came to mind.  I would focus on the orb in my mind’s eye and imagine I was gently bringing it in with my hands and arms and slowly placing it into my body’s solar plexis.
Then, this past June, an idea occurred to me in meditation: "Why not put the essence of the Communion Lady into you and find out what would happen?".   The idea of putting her whole essence of being into my inner self during meditation had not occurred until then.  I did the following basic sensation exercise and finally grounded myself in sensation; then I had imagined an orb of her body and soul, her entire being, and brought it into me. When that happened, an image of her essence flowed into my mind; the orb of her being painted in earth-tone colors of dark green and brown, like the colors of a forest…colors mixed in one another.
When I finally imagined her soul, sitting in place within my solar plexis, I expanded the orb to fill every part of my body and being.   Nothing happened at first, no difference in sensation.  But something else happened afterwards.  Days later, I experienced mundane images in my mind, as if they were snapshots flashing in and out, of a beige Jaguar sports car in front of a store I had often frequented and an image of a former acquaintance of mine sitting down, studying, inside a local coffee shop.   Normally, I thought nothing of them, until I actually SAW, later that day, when I visited the store I had seen in my mind, THE exact, same Jaguar sports car parked in almost the exact, same place in front of the same store I had ‘forseen’ earlier.  Then, after I left the store, I decided to go to the local office shop and there I saw the exact same person, I had also seen in my mind, sitting down and studying.  It was almost surreal.  I suspect I had briefly experienced a sort of side-effect that occurs when you entangle yourself with such entities of higher mind and spirit.
Now, I will explain my experience of two nights ago and the change I feel I have undergone.  For about a week before my experience, I had been busy with work, often too tired or too occupied with other tasks to actually consider doing a brief meditation. But that night, I decided to do one and see what would happen. As I have mentioned before, nothing extraordinary often happens, just the same struggle to focus my sensation and try to stay on the proverbial bicycle.  Normally, when I do my meditations, I often sit on a padded rocking chair that I rest on when I engage in sensation.  This time, I wanted to do an adaptation of the Blue Pearl Meditation, but instead of working with the essence of the Communion Lady, I decided to do something I had never considered doing…which was to bring forth the essence and soul of God into myself.  Personally, I have no notion whatsoever where I come up with these ideas but I do know that they do occur and I try to act on them the best I can.  
        Two nights ago, I started with your basic sensation exercise; first focusing the attention of feeling in my feet, my legs, arm and hands, and the movement of sensation up and down my spine, and finally, expansion from the center. When I was firmly grounded in full sensation, I imagined in my mind, the entire being of God, the essence, the soul, without any preconceptions at all; the mere, basic idea of God, without gender, without religious preference, without any notion that would come from the ego.  I imagined this being of God in front of me as an orb, and used my hands and arms to slowly and gently bring it in…into the center of my body, the solar plexis. Once it rested there, I would imagine it filling my body and making it a part of myself. 
Then Suddenly, as if I had broken a lock, a wave of deep sensation began to fill my body as if I had lit a match and a slow-moving torrent of energy had burst forth in all directions.  It is very hard to describe in words.  I felt as if the sensation of my inner being was growing…and growing…and growing, farther than before.  The experience lasted for a minute or two, and during that time, I filled my mind with thoughts of gratitude and thanks to anything or anyone who had helped me the most, and that included you Whitley.  The sensation then began to slow down when my Ego decided to intrude my mind with thoughts of "I" or "me".  Then finally I broke the meditation and exited sensation when I physically could not handle it anymore.  Last night, the day after the experience, I went into basic sensation again and felt an echo of the same feeling of energy I had tasted that night. My sensation was more rich and deeper than before.  I feel I have brought something new into me that will be with me always.  It was a feeling of Forever.
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  1. Reminds me of Seths
    Reminds me of Seths description of “Inner Vibrational Touch”

  2. I haven’t read Seth in years,
    I haven’t read Seth in years, so don’t remember what the “Inner Vibrational Touch? is. I have Roberts’ book, so will reread it and will try this practice when I next meditate. I have a very diificult time in getting past the “me” and “I”, so it may take me quite a while to get to this point.

  3. Beautifull, Thank You!
    Beautifull, Thank You!

  4. Merry Christmas everyone…
    Merry Christmas everyone… 🙂

  5. The more of us that work at
    The more of us that work at this; the better!

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