Location. Alton Barnes, Wiltshire , England Date: early August 1994 Time: 1600

The primary witness, 53-year old Jenny, a retired teacher and a friend, 26-year old Steve were traveling in their work van representing a Gourmet food company when they came over the top of the hill by East Field and immediately saw crop circles. The crop circles in the golden wheat were a beautiful sight that neither witness had seen before. They pulled into a farmers track at the side of the hill and drove up to the edge of the tram lines for a better look.

They both immediately noticed six very tall figures in the nearest crop circle. The figures appeared to be wearing hooded cowls and appeared to be purposefully moving around in the circle. The witnesses were fascinated because the people were moving around the circle with their arms high above their heads and they appeared to be all moving in a rhythmic way. They were moving from the center of the circle to the outer circumference.

Jokingly Jenny exclaimed, Oh look weve caught them, they must have just made it. At this stage the figures were about a quarter of a mile away. Jenny decided to stay in the van and wait for the strangers since they had to walk right by them when they left the field by the tram line. The six figures walked up the tram line. The figures were all over six feet tall. The two male figures among the group of six were wearing their hooded cowls up even though it wasnt raining. The high hooded cowl worn by each of the figure resembled in profile the shape made by a penguin with its head down. These men also wore long brown capes down to ground level. The hooded cowls revealed these two males to have very large blue eyes, very high cheekbones and long pallid faces. The four females all had the same identical blond hair and very large faces. All their hair had been cut in a medieval Pageboy style, to shoulder length and parted in the center. All of them had blue eyes. Two of the females wore green cowls, and the two others wore one red and one yellow cowl. The colors of the textiles were muted and matt in color. The females had more oval faces and deep-set eyes than the males, however, they all looked so near identical it was uncanny. The females had all let their hoods down, to rest elegantly upon their shoulders, revealing their fine blond hair. What was most noticeable was their eyes, they remained both limpid and expressionless throughout. They appeared almost resigned, a grave expressionless air emanated from them that made the witnesses uneasy.

One of the females had crimped hair and a straight fringe. It was this person that came forward to Jenny at first as she passed by them, the others gathered around on her side of the van. She felt compelled to stay in the van. As she looked at the strangers she saw no limbs other than their booted feet, their bodies remaining completely covered.

Jenny spoke through the van window to the first female as she approached her, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye she said, Are they freshly made The woman answered, Oh yes they are freshly made, in a part Germanic and part Dutch accent. In awe, Jenny asked, Ah, have you seen these before Oh yes! was the replied. Where are you from Asked Jenny, while she thought in her head that they were not of this world. The surprising answer was, We are from Holland , said the blond female. Jenny then asked the woman if they had seen crop circles in Holland and they reply was in the affirmative. Jenny then asked, Why do circles only seem to appear in cereal crops She was told that circles and patterns appear in vegetables, in cabbages, and spinach, circles in the trees, in the sand and in the ice. Jenny received no reply when she asked how had they arrived in Alton Barnes. She then asked the group what were they doing in the field. They each replied randomly from where they stood, We are testing the circles for vibrations, We were dowsing with metal rods, We could feel the energy under our feet, They have just been made, We make a study of these circles.

Although the strangers said they had dowsing rods they were not in evidence. Jenny then asked, What happens when dowsing rods are used The answer was, When they are held in front, the rods violently swing in opposite directions. The left to the left and the right to the right.

At this point two of the other females had just gone, Jenny checked for them in the wing mirrors, but could not see a trace of them. The woman with the crimped hair now appeared to dig her still covered arm deep inside her cape. I have something to show you, She told Jenny. Jenny put her hand out of the van window pinching her finger and thumb in anticipation to pick up whatever she was about to receive. No, open your palm, came the reply. She obediently opened her hand revealing her palm. Quickly the strangers hand darted out of her sleeve as she pulled something out from within her cloak. It was a very rapid darting movement, but in that time she noticed that the fingers were extremely long and without an obvious thumb.

A piece of metal about twice the size of the British 50 pence piece now lay on Jennys palm. It was about a quarter of an inch thick. It fitted close to her skin, almost as if the metal had something, soft and molten about it. This was the rounded side underneath the object. The metal looked like new pewter, and the shape tapered at one end. The top surface had hundreds of little facets cut like diamonds. On top of this, there was a little cut motif. It was rather like the shape of a fern leaf but with fractal like detail similar to that found but with ice on a frozen windowpane. There were also many tiny holes, similar to the tiny holes found in an old piece of driftwood. It was beautiful and Jenny looked at the strange object for two minutes without saying anything. She gave it to Steve so he could hold it and he exclaimed how light it was. Jenny turned to the female at the window and went to plant the object where she expected her hand to be, but was told, Put out your hand out flat. Again her hand without a visible thumb shot out rapidly and took the object back. Jenny was told that they had found the object in a crop circle in Holland and that scientists had examined it and said that it was not from the Earth, that it came from outer space.

We must go now, said the woman as she began to move behind the van with the other remaining female. Again Jenny looked back and they did not go up the path and they did not go up the bank. They just vanished. Now the two male hooded figures remained behind, which up to now had been quietly watching the witnesses. They then stepped forward silently. Jenny turned to them and said, Well what do you think this all means then Again came a reply in heavy Dutch German accents, and once more the men took it in turns to speak. They looked like twins and sounded the same.

They are trying to tell us something, we will not listen. Jenny questioned them on their statement. They each answered again in turns, Earths resources are finite. We must stop pillaging the earth, We must stop exploiting each other and stop killing each other or God will be very angry. Then one of them said, Did you know that the DNA of the wheat that has been flattened is different from the wheat that is standing next to it Jenny told the men that she had heard that before, they seemed surprised at this. Then they said, we must go now. Then they proceeded to pass the van and with a step toward the road they vanished. They disappeared just like the others. Both witnesses then proceeded to explore the crop circles; they found blackened sections in the center of the circles.

HC addendum Source: Harry Challenger, FSR

Comments: A clear-cut case, apparently directly connecting crop circle activity with alien humanoids. The cloaked or hooded humanoids have been reported frequently in different parts of the world.

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