This close encounter description, sent to us by a reader and used with his permission, is exceptionally clear and carefully written, and is very different from the sorts of fleeting encounters that people were describing to us in the past.

It is consistent with the types of description we have been getting more often in recent years, where the witness has a startling closeup look at something that is truly, truly beyond explanation.

The witness is a trained and experienced observer.

“The road I was on was hard packed gravel. On my left were occasional woods, fields and on my right a hedgerow then plowed fields to distant woods in the mist. Something caught my eye on my right pacing me along the far wood line. As the leaves were just starting to appear I could clearly see through the hedge row across the plowed field to this object which at this time I can only describe as an elongated egg.

It was pacing my vehicle. The smaller end of this egg, the front, was gently undulating gently up and down as it paced my van slightly to the rear. I would estimate it 8 to 10 feet of the ground and had the appearance of white to gray fiberglass. As it traversed toward me I realized that the undulating motion was that of following the contours of the deeply plowed field.

This thing now had my attention. I could see neither windows nor navigational lights and now lowering the window on the passenger side hear no noise. At last I thought I could see some identifying marks but as it got ever closer I realized it was dirt possibly off the field. I would estimate its distance now to be about a hundred feet away and about twice the size of my van.

My mind was now whirling. Who would fly in this weather or could What can fly at twenty miles an hour with no sound and follow ground contour so closely As I continued to try and watch this object it rose higher now in the air to match the top of the trees along the hedgerow. I could only see by bending over and looking slightly to the rear through the tinted windows of the van.

It then turned on its side about 45 degrees and exposed its belly to me. Now its shape was completely different almost like there was a skirt around the bottom of the egg in a U shape with two little stubby what looked like wings near the back. There was a black square directly in its center and still no noise.

While I was watching bent over and looking up and not daring to stop this thing jumped in the blink of an eye from slightly behind my van to parallel were it seems it was looking at me. This is were I started to recite a prayer. This thing was defying all my understanding of aircraft.

I am a trained observer, navigator, what the hell am I looking at Suddenly, now I didnʼt want to look at this thing anymore, I looked at my GPS for to find out where I was and my GPS was turned off. How and why now At the same time my vision seemed to momentarily white out with only the greens of leaves coming through, something like looking into the sun. The road made an abrupt left and looking right I could see this object clearing the hedgerow at the end of this very long plowed field and disappearing into the mist.

As my GPS would not come back on right away it took me awhile to find out close to were I had been.”

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