Actually, Unknowncountry gets less hate mail every day, but this piece is so exceptionally wrong that we thought it worth discussing. A Dreamland listener writes:

You are begging for funds so your show is dying.

Perhaps if you had not exhibeted such a lliberal bent you might be in better shape.

You have stated many times big things are about to occur-none have-can you name one-just one

Global warming as man made cause is a bust yet you support it. Screw you Whitley.

No wonder your show is dying. Yet, it had such potential.

The truth: First, Dreamland in the past month reached more listeners than it ever has before. We are at around 280,000 every four weeks, and for a podcast, that is a stunning figure. It is also up nearly 30% in a year.

Second, we believe that Whitley Strieber is the only person in the world to have accurately predicted the current economic crisis as long ago as 1997. This is documented in his book “The Secret School.” (But, of course, hatemongers don’t read, so the moron spouting his stuff above wouldn’t know this.) Here is an exact quote from the Secret School:

“Our present system of government, made unstable by debt, public disaffection and the vast chasm between its secret and public sectors, will change radically in the context of economic disruptions brought on by serious environmental difficulties of various kinds.” “Specifically, I see problems with a food supply disrupted by violent weather. Great storms in some places, horrendous drought in others.”

This is exactly what happened last summer, that triggered the present crisis. The sudden rise in food prices was caused by terrible weather across the planet, and subsequent plummeting crop yields coupled with rising demand. This, plus the spike in oil prices–caused largely by demand, not speculation, as falsely claimed in the media–sucked so much cash out of the world economy that the result was the present crash. A direct quid-pro-quo, and a truly prescient insight from Whitley Strieber in 1997.

So, hate mail or not, our guy is pretty amazing. (A word of warning: this insight has been posted by a member of the staff. When he sees it, he will probably want it taken down because he is against horn tooting, as he puts it. So copy it and distribute it. Somebody needs to toot his horn, he is an amazing and incredibly valuable human being.)

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