An reader offers the following remarkable close encounter story. It includes not only a lot of detail, but a description of an alien that you won’t soon forget.

The memory begins with a sensation of cold. I am on a trolley in a cold, draughty place. I am wearing only a nightdress, and it is my hands and feet that are feeling the cold. I am in a rectangular-shaped room, of approximately 25 feet by 15 feet, facing towards windows at one end. There are two sets of double doors in the room, set half-way down each of the two longest walls. I dont remember the colour of the walls, but it is a very dull place. They may be a khaki-ish colour. The doors are black, I think, or dark grey, and seem to have some flexibility to them. The floor is dark grey, and scratched, and looks like a very dense looking lino.

Everywhere seems quite well-worn, and it feels dusty. It all seems very dated, like somewhere from the 1950s. I am dimly aware that there may be someone lying on a trolley next to me, but I am not 100% sure. The windows at the end appear to have a slight curvature, as though the building is curved; the view from the windows is of the night sky with stars. The glass seems thick and slightly scratched. I think it is a craft of some sort.

Somehow, I go through the doors to my left. I dont remember how. I am sitting on a trolley in the neighboring room, which was of similar dimensions. I remember focusing on my legs and feet, as it was oddly reassuring to concentrate on something normal, and helped to retain a sense of my own identity in this bizarre place . It is still very draughty in this room, and I get the impression that the draughts come from movement and doors opening and closing elsewhere, like on the underground. I think the wind in here feels slightly warmer. There is somehow an industrial feel to it all. Everywhere is very Spartan and uncomfortable, like a cross between a military hospital and an industrial warehouse.

I feel three things: terror at the reality of this happening to me; ironically, a sense of calm and belonging because I had been there before, and humour. The humour relates mostly to a figure and its entourage which have entered the second room. I do not really remember much about the other figures there were maybe three others but one was most definitely in charge.

This figure is very thin, with an almost skeletal quality. The movements it makes look awkward, but are executed in a very precise way, almost like a dancer, and very quickly. The strangest thing about the creature is that it is wearing a cloak, which you can perceive that it likes to twirl dramatically behind it. It is wearing shoes, with a heel, almost like those a cavalier would wear, and it likes to click them on the floor.

There was an almost camp element about it all, which was very comical in an otherwise terrifying situation.

The smaller creatures moved more slowly, were thicker set and had greenish-grey leathery skin. Beyond this I do not recall much detail. It was the larger creature which commanded all of my attention. Its head was not much larger than a human head, it did not appear to have a nose, and only had a small slit for a mouth, but it was the eyes which really made an impression on me. These were larger than human eyes, but all black, and they almost glittered and shone as the light reflected off them. They had a disturbing intensity, and were able to convey emotion, so I knew that this creature could feel. I remember it looking directly at me, and all of the emotions it was feeling were apparent irritation, defiance, but also responsibility for me, which it seemed to slightly resent, as though I had arrived and was disturbing its evening! I felt that it was ruthless and could hurt me, but that it was not malevolent. Its skin was darker than the other creatures, not greenish at all, just a much darker grey.

The creature, which was almost five feet tall, knows I am amused by it, and is defiant and somewhat irritated by this. It is like watching a child dressed up in its mothers clothing, who would be angry if you ridiculed it in any way. The creature had mixed feelings toward me also. I sensed a great sense of responsibility, something approaching responsibility or ownership, irritation and some resentment, though not malevolence.

The irritation was because it knew I was amused by its attire, and the resentment, because though it felt superior to me, it also envied me in some way. We had definitely met before, and I felt as though it had been alerted to my arrival.

Beyond this, I have no other memories. Over the years, no more details have emerged; the memory remains intact just as it came to me.

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