This impassioned testament from a close encounter witness really lays it on the line, revealing what might happen if disclosure ever took place. And there’s another side to the coin: in the ensuing chaos, what happens to the procedures of the abductors? The answer is that they are ruined. Without official denial and visitor secrecy, the whole abduction process fails.
The reason there will be no disclosure is very simple, it is fear – the public will be scared to death, way worse than Sept. 11th or even our past world wars.

The public needs to believe the military or police can or at some point in the future, keep them safe. They hold onto that belief so they can sleep and still get up in the morning and function day to day,  BUT, how would they feel when they find out their government  is  absolutely – totally powerless and these aliens have been taking people anytime they want and conducting medical experiments on them. Can you imagine how people will react when the authorities are forced to admit they are absolutely totally powerless against these forces and you are on your own?

The majority of abductees suffer with PTSD and are traumatized… most often since early childhood.  What our experience shows- this is not the wonderful space brother concept that delusional fans of this phenomenon hope it will be. Most people do not understand the surreal fear and anxiety abductee’s deal with.  People, who think that the public could handle this, are emotionally removed from reality or more likely are trying to show how smart and sophisticated they are. We haven’t emotionally evolved any since the War of the Worlds radio show and if anything are angrier and scared then during those bucolic times.

If disclosure happened, the news would be 24/7 interviewing abduction researchers and a unlimited line of SCREAMING – crying mothers and other victims, demanding someone, anyone —-PLEASE—- save their children and loved ones from the aliens. Law suits would be filed by the thousands, class actions against cities, police forces and the military. Politicians would start looking for scapegoats in the FBI, CIA and military demanding resignations and action.

Lawyers would be advertising on TV and radio… (have you seen anything unusual in the sky, think you may have missing time, nightmares, wake up frozen with fear…. have heat rashes… whoops I mean alien experimental injection sites,  well you are entitled to government benefits and money for pain and suffering. Call 1-800-SUE-THEM, and get restitution for the terror and mental/medical problems that you have suffered because of the governments 60 years of lies and cover-up 

People would flood Social security/welfare offices demanding benefits as they can no longer work with their PTSD and associated depression caused by abductions. Medicare would be forced to pay for therapy for hundreds of thousands who believe they have been abducted. Private long term disability insurance companies would go bankrupt as every nut files claims as they can no longer work because of their mental state. 

Oil and utility stocks would crash as the public starts believing there maybe unlimited power sources being hidden by the military, but after fifty or sixty year cover up, no one would believe their denials.  Consumer spending would plummet even further after the initial stockpile of guns and food. 

Schools would close when scared parents find out that their children are in class with someone who is being abducted or when children think they see something above the school playground. Kids would bully the ones they believe look like they could be abductees, these same kids would use the excuse that they couldn’t do their home work last night, because they were abducted. Teachers wouldn’t question these misunderstood new victims.

People would leave work or call in sick when they think they saw flashing lights or something in the sky over their work place or claim they can’t work because they were abducted last night… Their disability insurance would have to pay their claims.

I believe there would also be vigilantes’ jumping into their pickups, armed to the teeth running around and shooting at unusual lights in the sky. If I had a small airplane I don’t think I would fly at night. 

Sightings would now be immediately broadcast on radio and local TV shows- as the media just loves to milk panic and fear.  Dr. Phil would be trying to help crying abductees and their families.  Crazy cults and hundreds of new age wackos would choke the airways -now that the flood gates to reality are broken.   There would be info commercials selling dubious gadgets that could protect you or set off alarms when aliens are near. There might just be a market for products like a new Preparation H with the addition of API, (Anal Probe Infection control)    “Finally a medication not just for Hemorrhoids, but something NEW to help ease the pain and suffering of those alien anal probes and potential infections, Use it every day as you never know when you are going to be abducted- you will be "H"API you did”

Police departments would be flooded with sightings. Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices would be lined up with people demanding MRIs to check for implants. 

There would be a certain percentage of the public who would not be able to function. The fear would push them over the edge and mental health facilities would be overloaded.

Wouldn’t the media just love to mention the fact that many abductees had been reporting for years that we have these strong feelings that we may have been taught something, over our life times that would be awakened when the time is right? Don’t you think that the paranoid and scared public would be afraid that we may be working for them?  Maybe we are part alien?  Would the media sensationalize their reports with cuts from Independence Day or Invasion of the Body Snatchers…. Yea, when you consider how many thousands of times they replayed the planes flying into the World Trade Centers or they way they tried to panic everyone over a potential killer Bird flu …. 

This fear mongering would be guaranteed.

People would start discriminating against having abductees in their apartment or condo buildings. Would you want someone living next door that could bring the aliens so close that you could get caught up in their next abduction? Frantic people just wouldn’t want aliens coming so close to their loved ones at school or their work place.  Just imagine finding out the nursery teacher of your little precious baby -might be an abductee and the aliens might abduct them as well?  What about your bus driver? Your dentist? What about your surgeon? Would you want to trust your life or loved ones life, to someone who could be abducted while they are operating, flying the plane, or driving the school bus? 

Would you hire someone for your company that could be abducted at anytime – knowing that they are hiding their trauma and psychological issues?

I wonder how long it would take before abductees become the new discriminated class. Could rocks through our windows and graffiti on our homes happen next?  Since our leaders are unable to do anything to protect the populace and they need to do something for the angry voters to remain in power—- could determent camps be possible? Happened before and could easily happen again. (Ha, might explain those FEMA camps I have read about)

Considering our past and the way people really are, it makes the above scenario much more likely than humanity awakening to a new age of peace and harmony… I wouldn’t start joining hands and singing “We are the world” anytime soon.

Oh, I just wanted to mention, the majority of us abductees – ignore or just feel sorry for the 98% of the crazies who obsess about night time terror/dreams and/or tiny tiny little lights in the sky. Abductees all share a funny coincidence that most of us have had EXTREME up close daytime encounters with witnesses -sometime- in our lifetime of encounters and still try to hang onto denial.  Many of us have lost friends and even loved ones who just can’t handle sharing an encounter with us. Relatives who are unlucky enough to be with us when we have a close encounter, (or in my case more than once) aren’t anxious to talk about it anymore than they would about any other extreme traumatic event.  As one of my brothers sometimes says, “why bring that up again, it scares me and I get depressed thinking about it, let it go”…(he and his wife share a daytime, extreme up close encounter with 6-7 hours of lost time) unfortunately with us, it doesn’t ever go away as I look up into the sky with dread and burning anxiety…

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  1. Baloney.
    Sure, there will


    Sure, there will never be disclosure from the federal government. That’s because the abduction phenomenon is also a judgment passed on the human State. When the U.S. government failed to disclose the truth back in the nineteen-forties, it meant that the State was doomed. It was dead as a human construct. It failed the test as to the most important human need. If there is any post-Disclosure reality, the human State will not be in it.

    And we can see it all around us. Anybody remember Katrina? That was the government in action, in its essence: utterly failing to protect you. A lot of people saw and learned that lesson. They no longer look to any government for protection in hurricanes. Likewise, the financial crisis: think the government is going to protect you from bankers? From foreclosures? Government protects only itself in the end. We can now see this.

    Sure there is the security theater thanks to the 9/11 hoax and American Empire expansion, and sure, the Police State is ramping up and drones will be flying over every neighborhood. But this is the same thing: the State is dying. Imagine what will happen when ‘Disclosure’ comes *after* a Police State is already fully in place: it’ll be the biggest slap in the face you can imagine. And the biggest disproof of the human State there can be.

    If and when the visitors make the decisive move toward what we call ‘disclosure’, I think it’ll be at a moment when a million invisible pieces on the cosmic chessboard are poised to flip human cultural life into a very different pattern. I don’t expect any kind of ‘higher-vibrational shift’ or other such mumbo-jumbo. I do expect that the sort of lunatic hysteria expected by this writer won’t have a chance of happening. People will be thrown for a loop on a very deep and unseen level. The usual energies of human stupidity will be channeled in a very different direction.

  2. I just had a similar
    I just had a similar conversation where me and another abductee thought about the implications of disclosure. I live in a small town and I worry the lynch mob would be at smashing in my door within hours of any sort of capital “D” Disclosure…

    Mike C

  3. This is the sort of
    This is the sort of unintended consequence you get from all these abductees networking, meeting each other online and in groups. What first starts as a kind of mutually beneficial and therapeutic thing, evolves over time into a consciousness of difference, that they’re different from everybody else. They start to view themselves as elect, and everybody else with suspicion.

    As masterful as they are at compelling personal transformation, I suspect that the visitors, if they ever let themselves be irrefutably known, aren’t going to just let ‘Disclosure’ happen at random and with maximum chaos. There might be hysteria, here and there. But it will burn itself out. People still have to eat every day. They have to go to work to get the money to buy the bread and pay the bills. They’re not going to go racing into the streets foaming at the mouth. They’re also not going to go around lynching abductees.

    We should also not forget that if any of the various visions given to abductees by the visitors are true, the world is going to be facing some grave and incredible challenges very soon. If there’s environmental collapse and famine, the visitors might choose to appear then — and there will be plenty of other more important things to worry about at that point.

  4. For those of you who have
    For those of you who have not read it, I highly recommend a book by Richard Dolan with Bryce Zabel:

    A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

    This book goes into everything from politics, to culture, religion, and beyond in projecting the results of full disclosure. Check it out.

  5. Your Insight contributor here
    Your Insight contributor here is right on! Even Dolan and Zabel are optimistic. If someone has faith in the majority of the race being able to perceive an ongoing initiation and embrace cosmic truth, then spend a few hours on an interstate at rush hour, or watch the news in detail and pay attention. Most people in this country can’t deal with garden-variety life without consulting a lawyer or calling the Social Security administration. My heart goes out to all experiencers. They know what’s up. Everything else expressed on the subject is just armchair philosophising.

  6. Snakey Bill’s comment is
    Snakey Bill’s comment is cute. One thing we learn from the abduction experience is that people act consistently in ways that surprise even themselves. Deeper aspects of their personality, unknown even to them, come to the fore. This is a constant feature of the contact experience.

    So the idea that full-on ‘disclosure’ will result in people acting like they do in traffic, lawsuits, or lynchings of abductees seems pretty cartoonish and superficial.

    Will it be sweetness and light? No. Will it be War of the Worlds hysteria? No. It’ll be something very different than what some of these wry, cheeky predictions expect.

  7. Wow, there is always one self
    Wow, there is always one self appointed -pretend to be intelligent spammer, on every web site, that is why I avoid them. It is OK to comment on my post, but why cut down anyone else who agrees with the writer. I am positive I know -first hand -more about this subject then Star Trek type fans whom read all the books and call themselves researchers.

    I ignored your original post as it made no sense as I assumed it was written by a small child in mom’s basement… the only point which gave me pause being the Baloney which brought back a wave of nostelgia resulting in a fried baloney sandwich for lunch… Good point

    Oh, by the way hi Mike… I am Doug from the Paracast show with Budd Hopkins…

  8. (When I posted initially, I
    (When I posted initially, I thought Whitley wrote the Insight – I have re-read and see it is actually another CE experiencer – I stand corrected), hence my edit

    Insight Contributer,

    I respectively disagree with the dismal assessment of the human race as a whole and their reaction to disclosure. While certainly there will be a relative minority of imbeciles who will react negatively, albeit either collapsing in fear or lashing out at a whoever, I have to believe that focusing seven-billion plus human souls/brains on the truth will lead to a rationale, effective response.

    Yeah – abductions will have to end as now a forewarned public will be prepared and can use the tools enlightened folks like you have put out there to block them (mass meditation anyone?). And that may have been the goal of the abductions to begin with. A global initiation ritual perhaps? Scare enough of us to “death” until we see the greater reality out there just like the shamans of old.

  9. While I personally wish for
    While I personally wish for Disclosure, I realize that Whitley is right and it will never happen unless The Visitors decide to appear everywhere and the Government has no choice but to come clean.

    A neat thing that has happened in the last 10 years is that thanks to the Internet, the truth about so many secrets is finally coming out. The problem is–try and educate people about it !!! Start telling “educated and intelligent” people that Kennedy was killed in a coup d’etat, that the official government explanation of 9/11 is a lie, that UFOs are real and we’re not sure who or what they are, etc and you’ll get a glassy eyed expression and they laugh at or dismiss you. Even if you give them evidence like statements from 9/11 commission members that the government withheld evidence from them and that the official story is just not true, they don’t believe it and call you crazy or a conspiracy nut.

    As John Hogue has said (and boy is he right), people are programmed and most refuse to change their programming or their view of “reality”.

    In the end, THAT is the threat from the Visitors—that they will open our eyes to the true REALITY–not the strictly material World that we have been programmed to see and to ignore everything else.

  10. Insight Contributor,
    You are

    Insight Contributor,

    You are brave to speak the truth. That’s what this site is about, right? Entertaining real possibilities no matter how dark and dangerous they may be? The fact of the matter is the government has been sternly lectured in regards to the social cataclysm “official” disclosure would bring. The military and government are so desperate to keep this secret they will mercilessly ridicule, and kill. Only “THEY” have the necessary sophistication to introduce themselves, knowing when, where and how to minimize societal disruption. You can bet it will be another 15-20 years before disclosure could even be globally attempted.

    FTR, I’ve flip-flopped on this position many times in my life. If we see “disclosure” soon it is only the dark portent of a larger looming catastrophe (i.e. a huge die-off). Disclosure is not the harbinger of the ever-promised, always-just-around-the-corner enlightened age I used to think it was. However, I wish it were true…so desperately.

  11. And now we’re becoming afraid
    And now we’re becoming afraid of the truth! So where does that leave us, with what options? Perpetual fear? Because what ever dark happenings are happening in secret will continue if the darkness is allowed to continue, and feeling helpless can only generate more fear … and violence. Cynicism about human nature and its future? Which leaves us permanently in dark places of our own creation, and leaves no room for us to recognise cause for hope.

    And meanwhile, humanity remains without recourse against its (possible) alien enemies because we are too fearful to find out what’s really happening, feel so helpless that we become permanently depressed and disabled, or lash out mindlessly at everyone, or so cynical that we think doing anything, knowing anything is a waste of time.

    Disclosure is not necessary because it will bring an enlightened age. Enlightenment is not that simple. It is necessary to give humanity a chance, so that we (individually and as a species) can know our enemies —- and our friends —- and choose how to act.

    I’m truly sorry for what this abductee has suffered, and is suffering, but I think that he or she is mistaken.

    I believe that for all its risks, disclosure is absolutely necessary, for it is only by exposing what is happening and by whom that we can even begin to think about how to respond.

    Secrecy is what has allowed us to get to this state, and secrecy will only allow it to continue and get worse. It will take courage to speak truth, to listen to it and not turn away, and many messengers may be shot (figuratively, I hope), but it is what we need: a clear vision about what is happening and who we are dealing with. And I firmly believe that it must begin with those in power. WE must demand that they come clean.

    I don’t know about you, but I would rather live in a world where painful, difficult truths are revealed and honestly faced, and where those who are able and willing can find answers to whatever we may face, or if not answers, ways to get through our troubles, than in a world ruled by fear, secrecy, suspicion and governed by the corrupt.

    Yes, there will be many who try to turn truth to their advantage, or react with violence and fear, or whine to their governments and lawyers for compensation, but they are already doing that in great numbers. But as truth is revealed, and more of us stand firmly by it, demand it in all aspects of our lives, and help each other face it with resourcefulness, courage and optimism, we can build a basis for a new kind of society, and also , for a new way of being in the cosmos: aware, responsible, intelligent, a force to be reckoned with no matter what aliens come.

  12. Oh c’mon. The thousands of
    Oh c’mon. The thousands of people who ALREADY know that abductions are taking place, like me, are not rioting, losing their sanity, selling their mutual funds and having panic attacks in the street for pete’s sake. Give humanity a bit more credit than this.

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