This report was received from an individual who has had personal encounters with lighted objects in his home in the company of his wife, a multiple witness encounter of a huge UFO, and the apparent healing of a beloved pet. If you have had any similar things happen to you, please write giving the location and details.


On a Sunday in March of 2012, my wife and I saw at different times two different objects in the corner of the first floor of our living room in our house.

At approximately 7 am that day, our 16 year old dog barked at my wife in her bedroom, notifying her that she wanted to go to the bathroom. Our dog had a stroke the previous day and was partially paralyzed on half her body. We were going to our Vet the next day to put her to sleep. My wife had to carry her down the stairs.

When she arrived downstairs, she saw a glowing ¾ orb shaped like an upside down letter U. It was approximately 2 ft in width and 1.5 ft in height. The object was very light gray/silver in color. The object had two vertical small round lights inside which blinked green pulsating laser light which were like blinking lasers pointing directly at my wife. The light stream was not wide but slim in width. The object’s bottom left side emitted bursts of very bright florescent white light, some long and some short, when my wife started praying to this object. The object was located near a corner wall and appeared to be floating about 4-5 feet off the ground.

My wife was born and raised in Mexico and was raised as an ultra-conservative Catholic. She attends mass every Sunday and attends various ministries during the week. She knelt down and started to pray and started to telepathically talk with the “Angel”. The object seemed to respond by emitting the white bursts of light on its side and more blinking of the green laser lights after each of her questions or inquiries. She was holding our dog at the time and asked this “Angel” that if indeed it was an Angel, she only asked one favor– that her dog not suffer in her sickness. Both green lights inside this object then began to blink rapidly and the white side flashes then started to go a longer distance than before. My wife believed that this was a positive response to her prayers.

After 15 minutes of observing and communicating with this object, she started to yell for me to come downstairs. I ignored her because it was Sunday morning and I did not sleep well the night before and wanted to sleep. After 5 minutes of her yelling at me with no response, she came upstairs and literally pulled me from the bed and told me what she had seen. Obviously, I was very skeptical.

At that time, I was a pure rationalist. I was an agnostic regarding a belief in God or religion. I went to Catholic mass but just to comfort my wife. I had never read any UFO, ancient alien, cosmology, or other similar “new age” books. I believed that all the new age “metaphysics” literature was pure BS from ex-hippies. I was a total skeptic. On that day, my worldview came crashing down.

When I got downstairs, we did not see that upside-down U object but a small cylinder shaped object which I am calling a “Plasma Cylinder”. The object did not appear to have edges but seemed like a fluid object with constant movement inside and on the edges of the object. Inside were translucent multi-colored lights similar to plasma. Each color was not unique and separate like a rainbow but more meshed like colored water and the water colors were constantly mixing. It seemed to be full of energy with colors floating stationary in the air. The plasma object appeared to be about 1-2 ft in length and 6-12” in height. It was about 4-5 feet off the ground in the same corner wall that the orb was previously seen by my wife.

What followed I have never publicly stated— even to my friends. I had previously told my friends that the object went directly through our wall and went outside. I told them that I only saw the “Plasma Cylinder” object for about 2 minutes before it disappeared through our wall. I did not tell my friends the truth because I was embarrassed that they might think I was even crazier than if I had told them the truth.

The truth is that when I went downstairs and saw this plasma cylinder, I looked at this object for about 10 seconds. Afterwards, I just thought that this observation was nothing special, not important, and I just waved my hand at it like it was BS, and told my wife I was going back to bed. I really believed those thoughts. I then went upstairs and tried to fall back to sleep. About 15 minutes later, I somehow “woke up” and thought “holly shit! what did I just do” and ran downstairs. My wife was still on the first floor but by then the object was gone. She did not want to speak much about the incident and acted like nothing of consequence had happened. She kept repeatedly saying that it was an Angel that visited her in the shape of this object.

The story gets even weirder. When I went downstairs for the second time, I saw my dog was walking and running around like she was normal. I asked my wife what happened and she just stated that the Angel “cured her”– “El angel la sano”. This fact can be confirmed by several friends who had seen her paralyzed the day before and were surprised to see her running around days later. They thought we were putting her to sleep. When we told them our “story” they were speechless.

Our living room corner wall is on the western corner of our house. At 7 am that corner is dark because light does not enter that corner. We have closed drapes on the Western window as well and that part was dark because the sun was just rising on the east side. We also have a wall dividing the windows from the sun rising in the east from this western corner. We know what we saw was not an optical illusion.


On July 8, 2012, at approximately 3:30 am, my wife saw a huge craft, about the size of a football field, maybe double that size, about ¼ to ½ mile from our house. It appeared to be a few blocks away. We live in a large and wide cul de sac in a very quiet middle class neighborhood. The object appeared to be about 100 feet off the ground and as stated earlier was a very large craft illuminated with bright multi-colored lights.

Our dog was again very sick – she had an enlarged heart and kidney problems, was taking diuretics and had to go to the bathroom many times per day and night. At approximately 3:30 AM, our dog notified my wife that she needed to go to the bathroom and was barking loudly. My wife always takes her out to our backyard but this time, for reasons she does not understand, she opened our front door and brought her to our front lawn. She has never taken our dog to the bathroom via our front door at night before or since. When she looked up, in a south-westerly direction, she saw the craft at approximately a 45 degree angle.

The craft was a football shaped cylinder but with pointed triangle edges on both sides which appeared triangular shaped on each end. The right and left sides, inside the triangle portion of the edges, had two large bands of extremely bright multi-colored lights on each side. The middle part of the craft appeared very light whitish or grey colored.

The craft made an extremely loud noise, much more powerful than if an airplane was standing directly above our house. The noise was only apparent for less than one minute. The object remained stationary for about a few minutes and then it disappeared.

I later researched the weather for that night and found that the visibility was 10 miles, and that there were scattered clouds at 3:30 am that night. My wife said that she saw many stars in the sky that night and thus she had excellent visibility. She said that this craft blocked out the starts in its line of sight.

Early August 2012: Large Craft seen by 5 individuals

I submitted the two earlier sightings to MUFON and to the National UFO Reporting Center. I did not submit this following report because I believed that it was so unbelievable. I only told this story to a MUFON representative when she visited me in late August of 2012 but to no other authority.

I have been thinking about this event EVERY DAY since I saw it. The most important item to retain in this quick summary is that I specifically called this object– it did not just mysteriously appear.

After my wife saw the large UFO craft on July 8, 2012, I started to seriously begin my research on UFOs and paranormal issues. I purchased numerous books from Amazon and spent all my free time on the internet. I learned that many individuals (Steven Greer, Prophet Yahweh, and many others), call UFOS and then record videos of these objects.

On a cloud covered night in the first week of August of 2012, at about 9 PM, a friend of mine called me and informed me that he was coming by and dropping off some of his traffic tickets. I am an attorney and had previously told him that I will write up No Contest Motions to resolve these tickets for him. He said he was close by and would be at my home in minutes. I decided to wait for him outside.

I live in a large cul-de-sac with only 3 houses. My neighborhood has large yards and is very quiet. It was dark and very cloudy. I then decided to “play a game”. I remembered the Steven Greer and Prophet Yahweh videos and started to consciously wish to see the large multi-colored UFO craft my wife saw on July 8th to appear in front of me just like it did for her. Approximately every 2-3 minutes I turned around 360 degrees to see if I saw anything. I did this for about 15 minutes. Just when I was ready to give up, I saw this huge object on top of my neighbor’s back yard extending approximately 200-300 feet back.

The object was not a solid object. It was made up mostly of thousands of streaks of circular or oblong shaped white thin lights. It appeared to me that I saw two possibly three distinct outlines formed by the oblong perimeters of these white light streaks. One circular object nearest to me was partially covered by the palm trees in front of my neighbor’s house. This smaller oblong object was connected to a much larger oblong object as formed by the perimeter of these light streaks. There appeared to be hundreds of swirls of circular white light streaks all inside of this object.

The object was positioned at a horizontal position rising at approximately a 15 degree incline. It was positioned at about an 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock format. It was about 50 feet from the bottom of the backyard of my neighbor’s house to the bottom of this object. It is difficult to determine its height but I would say that the object was about 100-200 feet in its height. I was clearly very long, I would say at least 300 feet in length.

I then started yelling for my daughter to come outside. She had told my wife and I that both she and I had seen UFOs and she wanted to see one as well. After about 1 minute of yelling outside her bedroom she came out and asked me “what was that”? I told her that I did not know but believed it was a UFO in “hiding”. She just looked at the object in amazement.

After about 2-3 minutes of observing this object, a friend, his wife and daughter drove up to my house. Both husband and his wife were trained as engineers in their native countries. The husband is also a conservative Catholic. He never believed in UFOS. Both he and his wife were shocked and constantly asked me “what is that”. We all tired to come up with logical explanations but we clearly could not come up with one that adequately explained this phenomenon. We all doubted whether this was indeed a UFO and discussed that it must be some type of large light “anomaly”.

Suddenly, all throughout the inside of the object, hundreds of star light objects started to flicker on and off, flashing on and off in a fraction of a second. I was surreal. I believed that because we started to doubt this object, it wanted to put on a show for us to demonstrate to us that in fact it was very “real”. It indeed was surreal. We were not scared but instead started yelling— “look at that, look over there”—pointing to the stars bursting all over the different parts of the craft. It was clearly putting on a show for us, or at least that was my impression.

After about 15 minutes, my friends said they had to go and they drove off. About 5 minutes later I believed that mosquitoes were biting me and I told my daughter that it was time to go inside because the mosquitoes were killing us. In fact, my daughter told me later that there were no mosquitoes out that night. After about one half hour later, I “woke up” and realized what a fool I was for just walking away from a scenario that should have been the front story of Time Magazine and every media outlet around the world if I had captured it on video. I ran outside with my video and digital cameras but the huge UFO craft was gone.

The ironic part was that about a month before this event, after my wife saw the huge multi-colored UFO outside our house, I purchased a large telescope, a night vision CCTV camera with adapters to attach this camera to the telescope, an old used SONY camcorder with the old night vision technology and a digital camera with high powered zoom for night shots. I said to myself “the next time my wife or I see these objects we will be prepared to capture them on video and on camera so no one will doubt us”. We know what we saw and they were real. “Next time we are going to prove it.”

The irony was that it never even entered my mind to take any of these newly purchased items out and take a video or a picture. About 30 minutes after I entered my house with my daughter, I came to my senses and ran out with my digital camera and my SONY video cameras but the UFO had disappeared. I now have been “educated” through my various readings that I was “instructed” to go inside and not to take any videos or pictures. I have learned that various individuals having “close encounters” have experienced similar responses— our minds were totally controlled.

Since that first week of August of 2012, my wife and I have not seen any other UFOs or similar objects either inside or outside our home. Every day I think about what I saw and have become compulsive over these sightings and these visions have affected my work performance and my outlook on life, our role in our universe, and our relationship as spirits with God. I am a changed person.

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