Whitley Strieber’s new book, Jesus: A New Vision is now available as a Kindle format pre-order on Amazon.com. The Kindle version will be published on January 15 and audio, hardcover and softcover editions will follow shortly.
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Jesus: A New Vision is a completely new look at the life of Jesus, what happened after his crucifixion and how his story completely overturned the old pagan religion of the Roman empire and altered history. It draws on the latest archaeology and scientific research to develop a new vision that neither asserts his divinity nor dismisses him as a secular phenomenon, but rather looks at his humanity—and ours–in an entirely new way.
Who was Jesus and who were the people, barely mentioned in the gospels, who aided him through his passion? Who was the woman in Bethany who anointed him with Nard, and why did she do it? Who owned the Upper Room? Who was the boy who ran away at Gethsemane and who was the man sitting at the tomb when the women found it empty?
When Jesus reappeared after the crucifixion, why did he keep his presence secret? And what is the incredible message of the Shroud of Turin, not only about Jesus, but about all of us?
After Saul was blinded on the road to Damascus he reappeared weeks later as Paul the Apostle, one of the greatest theologians in history. Who educated him in Damascus?
In this magisterial work, Whitley Strieber takes the story of Jesus from his birth through his heretofore hidden childhood to his crucifixion and beyond, into the Christianization of the Roman Empire with all its attendant wonders and horrors, and offers a new vision of Jesus as a teacher and the source of a great human empowerment that was buried when the doctrine known as the Nicene Creed was adopted.
Jesus: A New Vision—the only book of its kind. Like Warday, Communion, Nature’s End, Superstorm and A New World, another astonishing Whitley Strieber breakthrough book.
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  1. The cover is PERFECT! Eagerly awaiting the hard copy…Yeah, I’m one of those people…;-)

  2. Oh Whitley, I am so excited to read your new book. In a former life, I think I was an Essene. I have read everything I can on the Essenes and Jesus.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this… but holding out for pages I can smell!

    I wonder whether a spray, that makes your Kindle smell like a real book, would sell? 🤔😂

  4. Hello Whitley, I am looking forward to and interested in hearing your research in the players behind the scenes. There is one player I am most interested in understanding.

  5. Oh man I’m excited about this one! I’m waiting for the hard copy. I also am one of those people and I do like that tactile sensations of a real hard bound book. Good books become sanctified talismans of desire and wellsprings of Wisdom and Understanding. Like so many of your other books in my collection Whitley, this will be one of those I’m sure.
    Merry Christmas to all of you. May we all find the Kingdom Within!

  6. I’ve also been eagerly anticipating this book since you first mentioned it months ago. I think a new vision of Jesus is a long time in coming and much needed. My feeling for years now has been that Jesus lived his life as the exemplar of what it means to be human, not necessarily what it means to be divine, although, in the end, the two may not be all that far apart. I always think of the many times Jesus quite literally invited his disciples to perform the acts he himself performed; for example, inviting Peter to walk on water and gently rebuking Peter for his lack of faith when Peter begins to sink. The Gospels portray Peter as a remarkably strong and passionate man to be sure. But in that story, and others like it, Jesus’ invitation to Peter is also meant for each one of us.

  7. Author

    Sergios said: ” My feeling for years now has been that Jesus lived his life as the exemplar of what it means to be human, not necessarily what it means to be divine, although, in the end, the two may not be all that far apart.”

    Exactly! The greatest deception in history was that he was not one of us and that we do not share his grace.

  8. Author

    Thanks for sharing. It’s time for this material to come out. I do discuss how to use the teaching in the Gospel of Mary in my book, and the Gospel of Thomas. The moment for the Jesus teaching to move into a new level is now.

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