Whitley Strieber returns to Dreamland this week with anexplosive interview with Loren Coleman about his white-hotnew book,the CopycatEffect. Loren’s research proves that the media is one ofthe primary engines causing ultra-violence in our society.

Loren will present case after case of ultra-violence thatactually started with lurid media reports of other violentacts, reporting that set off a chain of horror that sweptthrough our society sometimes for years thereafter.

Whitley is at his passionate, controversial best with thisinterview. You will hear his rage, his compassion, his hopefor the future as he learns from Loren the monstrous truthabout the big media: that they KNOW that what sells is whatis most lurid, and how they prostitute themselves to keepthe daisy-chain of bloody acts going–all on behalf of thefalse god of ratings and profits.Dreamland will be availablethis week from Thursday

You will also hear what’s needed to stop this obscenebloodfest. Dreamland controversy at its very best.

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