A highly unusual snowstorm blanketed Southern Californiamountains with up to three feet of snow, and even dusteddesert areas.

At the same time, extraordinary rainfall across central,southern and eastern Texas caused extensive flooding, andwas contiuning as this was being written.

Flooding in Texas has been far more extensive than has beenreported in any one media source, with the result that theactual situation has gone unnoticed.

On November 21, up to 20 inches of rain fell on El Campo insoutheast Texas. Today, extraordinary rainfalls took placefarther west, from Austin south into Mexico. At least oneperson is known to have been killed in the deluge, andhundreds more evacuated. Many south Texas residents aresaying that they have never seen rainfall like they areexperiencing at this time.

The southern California storm began in British Columbia andmoved through Nevada before arriving in California. It’s track into southern Californiawas almost unprecedented. Such storms normally move off intothe Pacific Ocean.

Additional storms, also generated by the same system thathas dumped rain on Texas, were expected to develop overnightacross the US southeast.

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