Russian archaeologists believe that they have discoveredanother Stonehenge. The 4,000 year old structure appearssimilar in construction to Stonehenge, and means that theculture that created the famous British site might have beenestablished across a vast area of the world in prehistory.

In addition to the remains of the structure found in theRyazan area, ritual implements have been found that mightshed light on the religious practices and culture of thepeople who built the two monuments. Few such remains havebeen located near Stonehenge in Salisbury, so this findcould have great importance in understanding the mysteriousculture of the henge builders.

The Russian structure was not built of stone but of Wood,and was located at the conjunction of two rivers, in a spotthat commands a tremendous view. Ilya Ahmedov, theexcavation’s lead archaeologist described the remains of thestructure to the Novosti Press Agency.

The structure was about 30 feet in diameter, and consistedof thick wooden poles. Two gates pointed toward the sunriseand sunset, and a bowl found within the perimeter of thestructure was decorated with rays that suggested the sun.

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