Do you think it will always be immoral or is it only wrong if it doesn’t work? Or do you think it’s fine to try now? Be sure to vote.

In last week’s poll, we asked you why the visitors don’t reveal themselves, and about one-third of you said it’s because they’re evil and concealing it. It’s a shame the image of the evil alien has become fixed in people?s minds by the media, because we saw very little sign of this in the hundreds of thousands of letters we received from people who have had personal experiences with them. While this doesn’t mean they’re saintly, they may simply have their own agenda (just as we do).

Here’s how last week?s poll breaks down: 33 ?% of you think it’s because they?re evil and concealing it. 23% think it’s because our violence holds them back. 16% think it’s government opposition that holds them back. 12 ?% think we’re not advanced enough for contact, and 10% think they can’t come out in the open because they’re a figment of our imagination. 5% think they can’t enter our world for some other reason.

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