Residents of several Texas towns recently saw their skies filled with floating strands that looked like spider webs. They were visible in the air for five hours, and left light power poles wrapped with sticky strands and fuzzy wads of goo. “It blew my mind. I have never seen anything like it before,” says Lorenzo DeLacerta of Galveston. A spokesman at the National Weather Service says they had no reports of flying webs.

On October 8, wire services reported that “long, floating spider webs” were “bobbing through the skies of Santa Cruz, California?confusing some community members concerned about biological weapons…”.

And on December 22, the Wallowa Chieftain newspaper in Oregon reported sightings of “web-like material … falling from the sky” that some locals thought came “from three military jets that had been flying back and forth in an east-west flight pattern at high altitude.”

A University of Wyoming professor says the webs are from young spiders that launch themselves to their new homes on parachutes made of spun silk. In Wyoming, the webs can been seen floating across the prairie in the spring.

Baby spiders represent new life (and fewer insects!) Find out if spiders are deeper signs of things to come.

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