In our new poll, we ask if you would participate in a group meditation effort intended to communicate with the visitors. Whitley wants to organize such group, which he’ll talk about with Lisette Larkins on next week’s Dreamland, and he wants to know how many of you are interested.

Keep reading for the results from last weeks poll. Last week we asked you if you believe there was a civilization lost in prehistory. Most of you (54%) think there was, and think it was more advanced than we are. We’ve had many learned guests on Dreamland who have said the same thing.

About a third of you (34%) think there was, but that it was too different for us to compare with ours. This goes along the evidence of huge structures, such as the pyramids, built by civilizations without metal or the wheel, using lost technology. Around 9% thought there was but it was less advanced than we are.

We had only a few votes for “No, because I think the evidence is weak,” “No, because such a thing would be impossible” and “No, because it isn’t mentioned in the Bible.” Those of you voted for the last one, please remember: China isn’t mentioned in the Bible either, but it was there.

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