Kite flyers in Pakistan face murder charges and the death penalty if the sharpened strings of their kites kill anyone else. Several people have had their throats cut by strings that are either metallic or coated with glass shards, and police are treating these deaths as murders.

Kite flyers take part in “dog fights,” where the objective is to cut their opponent’s kite string, but they sometimes cut their opponents instead. Some of the victims have been children. Police are raiding shops selling that sell banned strings and arresting the owners.

The kites threaten motorcyclists and pedestrians in the busy residential areas where they’re flown and have caused power outages by cutting electric lines. People have also been killed or injured by falling from buildings or by walking into the paths of cars while they’re flying kites.

Is life worth so little, we can kill it with a kite? Find out who and what we really are.

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