A weather system similar to the three that have passed across the central United States over the past month is once again moving down out of the Pacific Northwest toward the central plains. The system will pass through a region of dry air across the center of the country, but then come into contact with warm, moist air that continues to rush up into the southeast and the midatlantic states. If this contact takes place, it could mean another round of severe weather next week, especially toward the end of the week. At present, the jet stream is still well to the south, which is the condition that has led to the violent weather that the region has experienced so far this spring. However, there are some signs that it could finally move north, creating a more normal summer weather pattern across the US. Until this happens, though, conditions will continue that encourage violent weather, as long as winter storms keep evolving over the north Pacific and moving into the United States.

To gain useful insight into what the media won’t tell you about the weather, read Unknowncountry’s Climate Watch. Whitley will be on Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday, May 31st from 10 to 11 pm Pacific to talk about our terrible weather. To find out where to listen in YOUR area, click here.

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