The spring of 2015 is on track to be one of the most violent ever recorded in the US. While there were more violent events overall in 2014, there were fewer tornadoes and less flooding. Through May 24, there have been 499 tornadoes recorded in the US. Through the end of May in 2015 there have been 499 tornadoes. On February 20, 2015, Unknowncountry’s Climate Watch correctly predicted a violent spring in the US. This is because the jet stream has not yet moved off its typical early spring track, with the result that the center of the country is caught between warm air moving up from the Gulf Stream and arctic circulation that remains unusually powerful for the season.
read more’s Climate Watch page was one of the very few places that predicted and explained the violent weather that is now taking place in the US midwest. The problems started last January, when the polar vortex migrated south unusually early, insuring that the northern hemisphere would have a very cold and stormy winter, which proved to be the case. Because so much cold air has remained over the Midwest at a time when a seasonal flow of warm, humid air is beginning to emerge out of the Gulf of Mexico, some very strong tornadoes have developed, including one that tragically devastated parts of Oklahoma city and killed 24 people, nine of them children trapped in an elementary school.
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Powerful storms swept the midwest last night, and more are expected as an unseasonal cold front crosses the region, colliding with equally unseasonal warm air that has been pouring up across the region from the Gulf of Mexico. The National Weather Service reported ‘hundreds’ of tornadoes across the region yesterday, and more are expected today. The areas of highest alert are Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, but there are at least ten states and three major cities at risk for further strong storms. The cities most at risk are Chicago, St. Louis and more