A UFO was seen in the town of Campamento Vespucio inArgentina between 8:50 and 9:30 pm on Monday, July 22.According to the newpaper “El Tribuno,” it was a large,round, intensely bright object.

Residents took to the streets to look at the object, whichhovered motionless for 40 minutes before vanishing suddenlyat extreme speed, according to witnesses. One resident says,”It was oddly beautiful. The intensity of the light was enormousalthough it produced no fear whatsoever?We all marveled atfirst, but got nervous when we realized that along with thephenomenon, the phones stopped working and the electricalsystems of several cars were left for dead, making itimpossible to start them orturn on their lights.” This is not unusual in an area withUFO activity.

No one was surprised by the event since, as one residentsaid, ?We have seen these events since 1999 and the factremains that whenever they appear, they cause failuresin motor and electrical systems.?

Gabriel Olima, 22, says, ?We?ve seen these UFOs many timessince 1999. People didn’t believe us for fear or out ofskepticism, but the apparitions are so customary that we’vebeen able to determine that they’re visible between July andAugust. Not before, not after.

“On one occasion, two people from a Buenos Aires TV Channelcame and we brought them over to film [the phenomenon]. Theydid the work but for some reason never exhibited itpublicly. While filming, they seemed frightened and one ofthem told me that the shining ?thing? was nothing known,that it was ?very strange.? They never came back.”

Fabian Olima, 24, says, ?This or these objects seem to havea timetable, because they always become visible between [8and 9 pm]. They’re there, they stay for 40 minutes and thenvanish at high speed.”

Gabriel says that on one occasion, when “the thing” appearedbehind a distant hill close to his house, he decided to havea take look. “We wanted to see what it was, what it was allabout. We went out with my dad to reach the other hill,running along some trails, but it suddenly built up speedand vanished like a bullet.”

“What’s changed,” Fabian says, “is the distance involved.Before we would see it far away, but on Monday night it wascloser than ever.”

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