Residents living near Andrews Air Force base in Maryland,close to Washington D.C, saw a UFO being chased by Air Forcejets at 2 am Friday morning, July 26.

“Incredible. Absolutely incredible,” says Renny Rogers. Hesaw a large blue ball of light streaking across the sky.”(The jets) were right on its tail. As the thing would move,a jet was right behind it.”

He’s not the only one–several other people called into thelocal radio station and reported seeing a bright blue ororange ball moving very fast, being chased by jets.

Rogers says there was no smoke coming from the object, ithad no flashing lights, and was strangely silent. All theseare typical traits of UFOs.

The Air National Guard confirms they scrambled the 113thsquadron. Spokesman Sheldon Smith says they areinvestigating the incident.

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