You’re surrounded by vampires, although you may not know it,says Arlene Russo, who edits “Bite Me” magazine in the U.K.She says, “The people I meet whose lives have beentransformed by vampires are not devil-worshipping blooddrinkers; or if they are, they have never told me. All Iknow is that they are professors of literature, academicsand scientists. They are supermarket check-out girls andhousewives. They are everywhere.”

While most of her readers are just curious people or fans,some of them drink human blood, usually from a willingvolunteer. ?I?ve got a phobia about blood so I can?t imaginewhy anyone would want to do that, but there are thousands ofthem,? Russo says. ?Mostly they make a little cut in theirboyfriend?s arm, drink a bit that way, and think it makesthem a vampire. Others love the fantasy, and it?s all intheir heads. They?ve never drunk a drop of blood in theirlives. In any case, I?m told blood is disgusting and makesyou vomit. The scientists who know about such things tell meit is best drunk with vodka.Then there are what we call psychic vampires, who feed offthe energy of other people; or ?wannabes? who think anddress like vampires but are really quite harmless.

?I get mail from people asking for advice on how to become avampire,? she says. ?If I had the power, I have no doubt Iwould have queues of people begging me to ?turn? them.? Russo not only doesn?t drink blood, she doesn?t dress like atraditional vampire either. ?People are surprised when theysee me. They expect a chalk-white face and heavy kohl eyes,?she says. ?As I am of Italian origin, I have alwayspreferred the sun-kissed look and I prefer Dolce and Gabbanaand Valentino to shapeless Marilyn Manson T-shirts.?

?Bite Me? has a readership of 15,000, and subscribers comefrom across the U.K., Germany, the U.S. and Sweden ? andeven from Iran and Pakistan. Contributors include the Germanforensic biologist Dr. Mark Benecke, who, in his spare time,is European vice president of the world’s biggest Draculafan club. He he?s written articles on spontaneous human combustion and on the forensic aspects of impaling.

Another contributor is Dr. Raymond T McNally, professor ofeast European and Russian history at Boston College, who isthe co-author of ?In Search of Dracula,? a biography ofVlad the Impaler. He was part of the team that discoveredthe real castle of Dracula in 1969 in Rumania.

?I know there are people who really believe they have beenliving for hundreds of years,? says Russo. ?I met someone inLA who was certain he would live for ever because he haddiscovered an elixir. He promised he would share it with mewhen he had completed the formula.?

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