If there is nothing to UFOs and no coverup, why would one of the countries most identified with it seek to prevent the UN from investigating UFOs? The recent release of UFO documents from British archives reveals that the UK made a concerted and successful effort in the United Nations to prevent Grenada from initiating an investigation into the UFO mystery in the United Nations. In Aol News, Lee Speigel talks about a meeting he attended in 1978 at the United Nations, where the British government attempted to block Grenada’s plan to form a special UN committee to study UFOs.

Speigel writes: "Little did I know, until just last week, that while I spent 1978 preparing for that U.N. event, the British government was essentially trying to stop the creation of the commission I was hoping to bring to life. One 1978 document just released in the British National Archives addresses the United Kingdom’s desire to oppose a UFO committee out of fear that it ‘would would reduce the credibility of the U.N.’" UFO researcher and Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope later told him that "This is completely in line with MoD’s longstanding policy to downplay both the phenomenon itself and the department’s involvement in it. So what you’ve got is behind-the-scenes machinations where defense officials and diplomats are basically plotting, casting aspersions, probably starting a whispering campaign against Eric Gairy (Grenada’s then Prime Minister)." Shortly after that, in 1979, Gairy was ousted in a coup.

Wow! This is a conspiracy worthy of Jim Marrs, and you can come see Jim in person in June at our Dreamland Festival! When he was on Coast to Coast AM with Whitley and Anne on January 9th, Whitley talked to Joseph Farrell, who speculated that the recent spate of animal deaths might be some sort of government experimentation gone awry. (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to all these shows). THIS TIME Whitley is going to talk about UFOs and hybrids, when he hosts "Coast to Coast AM" again on Sunday, March 13!

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