First it was birds falling out of the sky in Louisiana and Texas. Then hundreds of tiny crabs were found dead on a beach in England. Large numbers of dead fish were found washed up on beaches in Arkansas, Maryland and New Zealand in January, and now they’re turning up in Florida. Even pine trees are dying!

The February 8th edition of the Daily Mail quotes fisherman Jeff Johnson as saying, "I saw the fish jumping out there and I thought it was going to be a really good day for fishing, and then I noticed over here in the surf that they’re all dead." Florida biologist Kelli O’Donnell thinks the deaths may be due to a lack of oxygen in the water–but what caused THAT? O’Donnell says, "Just because there’s such a large school of them, they use up the oxygen really quickly, and because they are coming closer to shore, there’s not as high of a water turnover rate sometimes when you’re in an area with not as much tidal flow."

Other scientists blame these deaths on the unusually cold weather that’s been occurring all over the world this winter. With the steep decline in populations of many animal species, some scientists think that the earth is on the brink of a another mass extinction, like the ones that have occurred only 5 times before during the past 540 million years. Each time this happened, three-quarters or more of all animal species became extinct. quotes biologist Anthony D. Barnosky as saying, "If you look only at the critically endangered mammals–those where the risk of extinction is at least 50% within 3 of their generations–and assume that their time will run out, and they will be extinct in 1,000 years, that puts us clearly outside any range of normal, and tells us that we are moving into the mass extinction realm. If currently threatened species–those officially classed as critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable–actually went extinct, and that rate of extinction continued, the sixth mass extinction could arrive within as little as 3 to 22 centuries."

The Earth could be a very empty place fairly soon. When he was on Coast to Coast AM with Whitley and Anne on January 9th, Joseph Farrell speculated that the cause of all these deaths might be some sort of government experimentation gone awry. Starfire Tor also appeared with the Striebers live on that show, and told us about her predictions for 2011, which she elaborated on further on Dreamland (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to all these shows) Another thing you should know: Whitley will again be hosting "Coast to Coast AM" on Sunday, March 13!

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