Astronomers have recently told astrologers that their readings were all wrong, because the gravitational pull of the moon has been interpreted the wrong way (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). On the IFA webnews site, Bob Graham says that "all those times I was told to ‘Fight the urge to bite more than I could chew’ or ‘Wait for clouds to clear before proceeding on an important task,’ I should have been, well, doing nothing, because my sign didn’t exist, or was wrong." Who is the most interested in all this? Why, INSURANCE AGENTS of course! It turns out that Virgos (Sept. 16 to Oct. 30 birth date now), instead of being stolid, safe drivers, are the most apt to crash.

In the last year, they were 700% more likely to be in a crash than the old Scorpios, who are now known as the safest drivers. Closely contested major sporting events are followed by a significant increase in traffic fatalities for fans of the winning team of ALL signs. Researcher Stacy Wood says, "A previous study showed that traffic fatalities increased in the hours following the Super Bowl. We wanted to see if that held true for other high-profile sporting events and, if so, whether the number of fatalities was influenced by whether the game was a close one. Are blow-outs more dangerous because they’re boring, and people may drink more? Or are close games more dangerous because the excitement drives up testosterone levels?"

She found that traffic fatalities increased significantly after close games, and that games which were rated as nail-biters were far more likely to result in traffic fatalities than blow-outs. She says, "During a close game, testosterone increases for the fans as well as the players. After the game, testosterone levels drop for the losing side, but spike for the winning side. Because testosterone is linked to aggressive behavior and potentially aggressive driving, this may play a role in the increased number of traffic fatalities in areas with a high proportion of winning fans."

If there’s one person we know who can tell YOU if a car crash is in your future, it’s psychic medium Marla Frees (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Come meet Marla IN PERSON at our Dreamland Festival in June (where amazing things can happen)!

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