One cancels out the healthy effects of the other – Scientists have some bad news (for some of us anyway): We all know that they go together and while smoking is just generally unhealthy, drinking a glass or two of wine a day can be healthy, but NOT if you also smoke!

New research finds any beneficial effect of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol on stroke may be counteracted by cigarette smoking. Scientists followed the drinking and smoking habits of over 20,000 people in the UK who were between the ages of 39 and 79 and did not have a history of heart attack or stroke at the start of the study. During the 12-year study, 864 strokes occurred. During this period of time, it was still legal to smoke inside pubs (the British version of bars), so many of these participants did both at the same time.

They found that the association between alcohol drinking and stroke was significantly different between smokers and non-smokers. In non-smokers, people who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol were 37% less likely to develop stroke than non-drinkers. This finding suggests that smoking may modify the relationship between alcohol intake and stroke risk, in a BAD way. Moderate drinking was defined as consuming two to three regular glasses of red wine a day.

Our headquarters at the Dreamland Festival is strictly no smoking, but we DO expect to have some drinking there, especially when Jim Marrs holds court (as usual) in the local bar. Our gathering a place where you get to MEET and talk to the presenters because nobody keeps you at arm’s length, so come see us in June (and find out how much fun we had last time)!

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