Depends on WHERE you live – The flu season is about over, and the Swine Flu pandemic that scientists predicted turned out to be less onerous than predicted. However, if you DID get the flu, you probably got it earlier than if you reside in the Northeast than if you live along the West Coast.

That’s because researchers have learned that, especially for adults aged 65 and over, seasonal flu tends to move in traveling waves, peaking earliest in western states such as Nevada, Utah, and California and working its way east. New England states such as Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire tend to have the latest peak in seasonal flu. So if your friends in California say the flu season is over, that doesn’t mean it’s over for YOU!

Public health expert Elena Naumova says, “We also found that flu seasons that peaked early tended to be more intense.” Her analysis of 13 flu seasons showed that the flu peaked in every state within a four week span. Nationwide, the average flu season peak occurred during the third week of January.

It’s hard to predict the flu, but we CAN predict a way to have a truly great vacation during the last weekend of June. We had great time in Nashville last summer and if you missed it (or want to experience it again), here’s your chance. And if you want to find out what your favorite Dreamland hosts are thinking THIS YEAR, join us on June 25-27 for a thought-provoking good time (and the flu season will DEFINITELY be over by then)!

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