This week on Dreamland,Mark Hall takes us on an adventure in search of mysterious giant birds, which may still exist right here in the UnitedStates. Then Linda Howe explores the mystery of whysocieties self-destruct, and why we might be going down avery dangerous road. OnMysteriousPowers, Anne Strieber talks with herbalist Stephen Buhner, whotells us how to understand the plant world in a whole newway.

No armchair adventurer, Mark Hall has crisscrossed thecountry in search of these creatures, and he lays outexciting and provocative evidence that a small population ofthese enormous, rare birds is still out there. The interviewtakes a surprising turn when Whitey Strieber tells Markabout his own extremely scary 1979 sighting of just such abird–which seemed to be taking an interest in theStriebers’ 6 month old child!

We have an exciting report for subscribers: Bob White saw aUFO many years ago?and got an artifact from it, a piece ofmetal that he found on the ground. Since then, he has bee nattempting to have this artifact analyzed, and some of theresults are very, very unusual. Listen as he tells us thestory of his struggle to understand, and to get the rest ofthe world to take notice of what could well be the smokinggun of UFO artifacts. Have we got final proof? Bob Whitewill convince you that we probably do?and that a lot ofpeople don’t want you to know that! Explore Bob’swebsite, clickhere.

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Two weeks ago,MysteriousPowers logged 101,600 listeners, its largest audience yet!Why? Because Anne Strieber is one of the most skillful andinsightful interviewers out there. In this era of hostile,aggressive and mean-spirited radio hosts, she is truly atonic for those of us who are tired of the screamers.

This week she explores a topic that is vital to the futureof mankind: how to reconnect with nature and listen to thesecretteachings of plants. She talks to Sephen Buhner about howwe are struggling to survive on earth, facing all kinds ofdramatic changes. Nature stands ready to help us?let Annehelp YOU reconnect. Our survival as a species depends on it.

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