As a book rose on the US bestseller lists claiming thatglobal warming was a “scam,” and conservative radio hostsnationwide began claiming that this year’s harsh wintermeant that the problem was ‘bunk,’ increasingly catastrophicsigns of impending sudden climate change continued to build.

During the second week of Feburary, a completelyunprecedented and unexplained heat wave struck Greenland.Already, melt off Greenland’s glaciers has reached recordproportions. Should this heat wave be a portent of a hotsummer in the far north, the stage will be set for theunfolding of a serious climate catastrophe.

This could take the form of ultra-violent weather, or thecollapse of substantial amounts of Greenland ice into thesea, or both.

The official record of 60.8 F was recorded in the town ofFrederikshob on the west coast on February 20. Thetemperature is the highest recorded winter temperature everrecorded in Greenland.

Greenland’s coastal areas do not typically have harshwinters, but this temperature was forty degrees above normalfor the month. The warm air spread northward, raisingtemperatures all across the ice sheet before dissipating inthe high arctic.

The warm air originated in the Caribbean, and rolled northalong the frontal edge of the jet stream. It was not anunusual formation for summer, but for it to appear inmidwinter was unprecedented.

The event went generally unreported in the United States.

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