Newswise – It’s recently been proven that secondhand tobacco smoke isextremely dangerous for nonsmokers and actually causeschromosomalbreakage in the fetuses of pregnant women. Now it’s beenrevealed that in 1987, tobacco industry executives at PhilipMorris deliberately planted lies in a journal they published.

The Lancet reports that, according to Australian researcherSimon Chapman, who reviewed 484 articles published in thejournal “Indoor and Built Environment” between January 1992and February 2004, paid consultants to the tobacco industrywrote most of the articles. Not surprisingly, 61% of thesearticles came to the conclusion that secondhand smoke isn’tdangerous.

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There are no lies in theCommunionLetters, since these are all stories about UFO sightings,ET encounters and alien abduction written in theexperiencers’ OWN WORDS.

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