This week,ColmKelleher tells the terrifying truth aboutMad CowDisease in the US and explains why he thinks it may beresponsible for the epidemic of Alzheimer’s that iscurrently devastating so many seniors in this country.Autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients show that they had plaguesin their brains similar to those that form in people withMad Cow disease, which is much more common inelderlypeople. Are Mad Cow and Alzheimer’s the SAME THING? Whatkind of beef is safe to eat? Did you know that you can be indanger of contracting Mad Cow disease by just usingLIPSTICK? Is it dangerous to eat venison and other game? Anddon?t miss Colm?s amazing ideas about cattle mutilations!

For subscribers,Colm gets into the issue of flying triangles and the famousNational Institute of Discovery Sciences study of them. Arethey ours or somebody else’s?or both? Colm paints acomplicated portrait of the possible relationship betweenaliens and the US government.

To open the show, Jim Marrs reports on Peter Jennings’tragic announcement that he has cancer. Other UFOinvestigators have died from cancer in the past few years?isthis a coincidence or is something else going on? After theinterview with Colm, Linda Moulton Howe brings us up to datewith the latest scientific information about the horrifyingand ignored spread of Mad Cow in the US.

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