Unknowncountry.com has received the following letter from areader who is presently in Rome for the funeral of Pope JohnPaul II: I am writing you from Rometoday. It is the most blessed human experience I have everknown. I work in Milan and have come down here to honor thepope. When Mr. Hesemann said on your program that he was themost important pope for the past 1,000 years, he was tellingthe truth. This is the man who brought down the Iron Curtainand ended the Cold War. But that is not what this isabout?this is about life in the streets of what has becometruly a holy city. You have never seen anything like thecrowds?There are Italian flags and Papal flags everywhere.Something is in the air: the feeling of sanctity and thesense of joy mixed with sadness that accompanies the deathof a truly great man. He was great, in the magnificent sense that other saintsand historical figures have been great. But he was so downto earth, and the feeling is that he brought sanctity rightinto our hearts. There is such love in these streets, witheverybody helping everybody. There is a serious watershortage, and no place to use the bathroom. A lady collapsedin the line [to view the pope’s body], and five men carriedher off to hospital,where they are overflowing and everybodyis on round-the-clock shifts. Nevertheless, she was welcomedwith smiles, which is not typical at all in Italian hospitals! Nothing is typical. We are all on the Holy Mountain, thespirit of the pope is everywhere. You see people fromeverywhere, not just Europeans, but people from farther awaywho have used their life savings to get here. One woman flewbusiness class from Jordan, using all her money, just to behere. There is so much prayer that you can draw a crowd by juststanding on a corner saying the rosary. In a few minutes,people from all over the world will be standing there,praying with you. There has never been anything like this onearth.

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