The first case of chronic wasting disease (the prion diseasesimilar to Mad Cow that affects deer, elk and other gameanimals) outside the Midwest region has been discovered in awhite-tailed deer in New York State. This makes it even moreimperative thathunters shouldnot eat the meat from animals they shoot without having thecarcass tested or prions first.

Until now, chronic wasting disease has been seen mostly inthe Midwest and Rocky Mountains. The herd where the infecteddeer was found has been quarantined. Scientists don’t yetunderstand exactly how the disease is transmitted from oneanimal to another. Scientists used to say it was safe to eatthe meat of infected animals, but the recent deaths of somehunters have caused them to change their minds about this.So far, chronic wasting disease has shown up in deer and elkin Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska,New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin andWyoming, meaning the sport of hunting?or at least of eatingthe animals you hunt?is effectively over for now.

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