President Trump went to Walter Reed Medical Center Friday afternoon, 24 hours after testing positive for COVD-19.

The president is on a treatment regimen that includes an experimental polyclonal cocktail of antibodies developed by pharmaceutical company Regeneron.

He is also taking zinc, Vitamin D, melatonin, the acid-reducer famotidine (Pepcid), and a daily aspirin. This group of supplements have been found to be supportive of the body when it is dealing with a COVID infection. There has been no report that he is taking hydroxychloroquine.

The White House announced that Mr. Trump was being moved to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution”, and he is expected to continue his executive activities while there.  He will fly on Marine One and will walk to the helicopter.

Due to being overweight, and his age, the president is in two high risk groups for COVID complications. The president is reportedly experiencing fever and mild fatigue at this time.

Mr. Trump had been in crowded situations all week where masks were generally not worn. When he, the First Lady and his close aide Hope Hicks contracted the virus is not clear.  Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) have both announced that they have tested positive as well.  Both recently attended campaign events.  Given how easily the virus spreads and the general refusal of prophylactic protection by Trump and his associates, it is probable that more people who have been in his proximity recently will test positive as well.  Trump supporter Herman Cain apparently contracted the virus at Mr. Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa on June 20.  He died on July 30.

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  1. I believe they contracted the virus from Hope Hicks, not Kellyanne Conway.

  2. I read medical reports (written by doctors) every day to make my living — and not one sounds like the jumbled stammering of Dr. Sean Conley at the microphone. He seems to have surrendered precision of reporting language in order to say what the politicians are dictating to him. Unsure whether to pity him or to rail at him, for seemingly abandoning his medical oath.

  3. Let me say again clearly: THERE ARE NO MIXED MESSAGES from political operatives. EIther they’re telling you the unvarnished truth, as on Oct. 27, 2016, when Trump spoke in Toledo: “We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right? What are we even having it for?” — or else it’s just unbelievably garbled, as when Conley spoke in Bethesda on Oct. 4, 2020, “In doing so, it came off that we were trying to hide something, which wasn’t necessarily true.” When government officials and politicians are incomprehensible, it automatically means: “These words are false.”

  4. Earlier today (Monday October 5th) the White House Press Secretary tweeted that she just tested positive for COVID-19. She has given numerous press conferences at the White House in the last few days where she did not wear a face mask.

    Importantly, a few minutes ago, the CDC just updated its transmission guidance on how COVID-19 spreads:

    There are two medical theories (“droplet” and “aerosol”) on how COVID-19 is spread. There are good people on both sides of that medical debate. Until we know for sure, I’m in the aerosol camp.

  5. CNN just reported Mr. Trump’s new statement that he will be leaving Walter Reed hospital at 6:30pm EST this evening.

  6. And if he’s still infected, roaming the narrow halls of the West Wing, his WH officials must be terrified. But then again, we’re talking about people like Mark Meadows and Kayleigh McEnany.

  7. Author

    I am just wondering about sanity, here. The Republican caucuses in both houses still appear to be ignoring masks, and so does the White House.

    Kayleigh McEnany just announced that she’s positive. Like the rest of them, she has continued to go maskless.

    Nature has nothing to do with politics. It’s numbers, pure and simple, and on the numbers, the WH and a wide swathe of the Republican Party is an ongoing COVID catastrophe that did not need to happen.
    I just don’t get it. When you pretend reality isn’t real, aren’t you crazy? What am I missing, here?

    1. Yes to the questions about whether this is crazy. The factor that may make this wild derailment from realty so easy for us to ignore, or not address, is that as much as a third of us might be crazy. That, and the fact pointing out the “crazy” is often countered with the cry, “keep politics out of this”. Huh?!?!

  8. They will never project any sign of weakness, under no circumstances. Having the illness is a sign of weakness. That’s why Trump is coming back to the WH, probably still infected. Image and optics are everything for this administration. And they will still continue to not wear masks in front of cameras. And they will still ridicule Biden for wearing one. Crazy is a term that is subjective, at best, to these people.

  9. Author

    I guess I read a different playbook when it comes to living life, but in the one I read, respect for reality is the core sign of strength.

    There is likely going to be a COVID catastrophe among these people, largely because they are not strong enough to face reality.

    1. I keep thinking “what if” with this current body of governing. What if they were the ones in power during World War II? Ignoring basic facts, rejecting advice from professionals including your military leaders. Even buddying up with autocratic leaders whose main objective is diametrically opposed to this country’s founding premise: freedom.

  10. Patients taking dexamethasone have sometimes been observed to exhibit temporary personality side effects, even mania, while taking such steroid drugs.

  11. I worked on a Bereavement helpline here in Scotland from the start of lock down. What I heard was humanity’s heart break in every call. People die and it is very sad. I also became aware of the psychology effects of isolation on many. People having loved one’s taken never to be seen again funerals which only three were allowed so someone was left out. The causes of death were many and varied. Stories of loved ones being tested 3,4 and 5 times. Dying of cancer, and it being listed as covid. One story was from a lady who’s father had died of covid. During lock down her parents were in isolation. Her mother had a mild stroke at the beginning of August they tested her for covid and the test was negative. They sent her home three days later. After about a week the Dad started to feel unwell he was dead within a week of covid they didnt test her mom before she left the hospital. Relapse up 30 % Suicide numbers hidden but I heard more than a few calls as that being the cause of death. These stories I heard, told me the truth of what is happening at least in my neck of the woods. I won’t wear a mask it makes me feel like I can’t breathe. So I go out less and less. Our breathe is so important sharing our space with each other important we are forgetting whats important. There is way more to this. This is my opinion. Love to all.

  12. Author

    I have trouble with masks also. I am no mask denier but I can’t go out very much because they really do bother me. Maybe it’s for the better.

    Thanks for your thoughtful and moving comments.

  13. Unnecessary deaths due to Covid should make us all reassess our values as a collective society. But also deaths from despair, be it suicide or drug overdose. It is my fervent wish that we become a more compassionate world. No one should die because of starvation. And if they are in distress, we should have the ability to help them through proper treatment. Everyone deserves a shot at having a good life.

  14. I’m with TOMKOWT on changing our focus to becoming a more compassionate world. I’m an UnknownCountry member because UC is such a help in moving our attention from the external world to our own positive work we can do, ranging from Dreamland to all the other podcasts, but especially all the UK online classes featuring the sensing exercise.

    Medical doctors might know of protective breathing devices beyond masks.

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