We recently reported a possible terrorist incident in Texas where security guard Robbie House was shot by a Middle Eastern gunman who escaped, after the guard caught him taking photos of a huge ammonia storage tank. Now the FBI says there was no terrorist and the guard must have shot himself?but last year, they named the tank as a possible terrorist target.

The G2Bulletin quotes FBI’s Bob Doguim as saying, “We don’t believe we have any kind of a terrorist threat or that there was any way any kind of a terrorist planning or organization was going on with what occurred [that] night.” But local police think House may have stumbled into a “terrorist reconnaissance operation.”

The May 26, 2003 issue of Newsweek Magazine reported that in March 2001, government agents came to Texas to “case a major port in Freeport, Texas,” based on information from the FBI. Freeport is the coastal town where the ammonia tank is located.

Homeland Security is looking for the gunman, who is described as “a dark-complexioned, mustachioed man with dark hair and a thick Middle Eastern accent and a 5 o’clock shadow, [who] was driving a white, club cab, half-ton Chevrolet pickup with black trim at the bottom and dark-tinted windows. The truck had no front license plate.”

House says he “questioned the driver of the truck about why he was in the vicinity of a large, multi-story ammonia tank. He told police the truck driver explained that he was taking pictures of it. When the guard turned to radio for help, the driver pulled out a handgun and shot House in the shoulder.”

Freeport is not only home to the ammonia tank, it’s also the location of several other petrochemical companies, including storage for the kind of fertilizer that can be made into an explosive. G2B sources say an armada of ships has been purchased by al-Qaeda that will target civilian ports, cruise ships and oil rigs.

Local police say, “There are no signs of any explosives. There are no signs of any renegade ships in the area. But there is a strong likelihood this shooter and any companions that may have been with him were scoping out a possible target for terrorism.”

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