The Neanderthals suddenly disappeared 30,000 years ago because they didn’t have enough primitive technology to survive the ice age, while our ancestors had barely enough to make it through. There’s another ice age on the way?will we make it this time?

Douglas Palmer writes in New Scientist that using data from archeological sites, researchers have made a map tracing the movements of both early humans and Neanderthals. It shows that as Europe became covered in ice, Neanderthals and humans both retreated south. Archeologist William Davies says it’s surprising “the extent to which Neanderthals seem to have been deterred by the cold, and retreated as the going got tough.” They weren’t able to make adequate hunting tools in order to get food and fur to make warm clothing.

Some scientists feel Neanderthals didn’t actually disappear, but mated with us and became part of the human race. However, new analysis of Neanderthal skulls shows they probably weren’t human. The differences between humans and Neanderthals are much greater than those found in the skulls of subspecies of any single group. This means that Neanderthals were not a subspecies of human being, and thus could not have interbred with our ancestors.

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