Cell phones are now thought to be safe, although earlier models were implicated in cases of brain cancer. But new cell phone dangers have turned up. Some cell phone batteries have exploded while the phones were in use. And in rare cases, static electricity from cell phones that ring while people are pumping gas have ignited gasoline fumes and set cell phone users on fire.

“Good Morning America” quotes Hal Stratton, of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as saying, “We have an ongoing investigation regarding certain cell phone batteries that may rupture or may overheat and cause injury to consumers. One of the other things we’re concerned about is counterfeit batteries.” Nokia blames cheap counterfeit replacement batteries for causing 30 to 40 of its phones to overheat.

Robert Clifford says, “I went to pull the phone out of my pocket and I went to put it up to my ear and it burned me.” He received second-degree burns. Mohamed Radzuan?s cell phone exploded while it was beside him on the bed. He had purchased a new battery for the phone a week before.

And before you start to pump gas, remember to take your cell phone out of your pocket and leave it in the car.

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