The latest guess about the dictator with 9 lives (Saddam Hussein) is that he was wounded in the first bombing raid of the Iraq war and killed in the Baghdad restaurant bombing on April 7 because “the command and control just disappeared after the first bombing raid,” according to a U.S. intelligence official.

Meanwhile, Syria has been smuggling Saddam’s aides to Belarus (where some think Saddam may be hiding), Lebanon, North Africa and other countries. They want all former Iraqi government officials out of Syria in order to avoid a U.S. attack. Many of Saddam’s family members fled to Syria just before the war. Now Saddam’s wife Sajida and her three children have been put on planes and flown to Libya and Belarus, while other family members were taken to Lebanon.

“There were hundreds of Saddam’s aides and family members in Syria by April 15,” says an intelligence source. “Assad gave up three of them who held no use for Syria or Iran. Syria might give up another two or three Iraqis, but the rest will be hidden or flown out of the country.”

“This move comes after the United States has put pressure on Syria who was issuing Syrian passports,” says a Lebanese opposition group. “More notably, some of these Iraqi officials are now making Lebanon as their homeland for good and are not leaving the country.”

In early April, a convoy of 70 Mercedes sedans were seen leaving the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, heading for Syria. Saddam also tried to smuggle billions of dollars out of Iraq through Turkish businessmen, but this attempt was foiled by Turkish intelligence.

Let’s hope we win this long war against terrorism?and don’t end up as only memory, like Atlantis.

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