In Japan, a group called Panawave has driven a caravan of cars up into the mountains to await what they believe will be the end of the world when planet X passes by the Earth on May 15. In his latest Journal, Whitley Strieber writes, “There is no Planet X?not at least, in the apocalypse-producing form that has been claimed for the past few years.” This impending apocalypse is predicted on several websites but, as Whitley says, “There is no astronomical evidence that a large and destructive body is anywhere near our solar system, let alone moving through it.”

Authorities in two towns have served eviction notices to the group, but the 30 people in the group say they can’t leave until their sick leader Yuko Chino recovers. Chino believes Planet X will cause “cataclysmic” changes on May 15.

Panawave got media attention when the group began draping trees with white cloth on the way to their latest destination. They say they’re seeking sanctuary from electromagnetic waves generated by left-wing guerrillas in Japan, and that the cloth neutralizes the effects of the waves. They recently spent 8 months camping out near a lake and also left that site swathed in white sheets. They’re constructing dome-shaped structures in Oizumi, their final destination, which they say will protect them. Akira Kobayashi, deputy mayor of Oizumi, says, “All of us will work together to get rid of them if they do come to our village.”

These people need to learn there’s no such thing as doomsday.

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