After an incredible season of earthquakes and typhoons,nervous Japanese investors are buying gold despite the factthat its price is at a 16 year high and the Japanesetraditionally sell gold into high markets.

The buying is coming because of a growing perception inJapan that the earth’s climate is changing fast, and therewill soon be major distruptions as a result.

American investors, by contrast, remain relativelyindifferent both to climate change and ‘bad times’investments like gold.

Japan has been struck by an all-time record high of tentyphoons this year, and numerous earthquakes, including thedeadly Nagoaka Earthquake of October 23-24. The quakeskilled 25 and drove a hundred thousand from their homes. Itwas the last of a series of quakes in Japan, believed to becaused by the saturation of soils and underlying faults thathas resulted from the titanic downpours associated with themonths-long string of typhoons.

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